Tuesday AM

9am: Academic Statement due in class at 9am (typed, 750 word limit)

Permaculture: We will focus on ‘systems thinking’  through the lens of fermentation science and making wine. For Tuesday read through the left nav bar topics at Wine For Beginners (overview, harvesting, crushing, juice separation, must treatment, fermentation, and clarification)  Before reading these pages review the list of approved additives and processes for wine and the Carte De Menu, pages  207-212 in Naked Wine.  While reading note connections to what you learned on the field trip and from reading Naked Wine.  The wikipedia page on yeasts in wine making is also a good resource

Cultural Studies:  Selections from Wine and Culture, Vineyard to Glass (wine and culture.pdf. All students read “Introduction” and then select 1 additional chapter of the 3 options included in the PDF.  Choose either “The Social Life of Terroir among Bordeaux Winemakers”; or “The Things that Count: Rethinking Terroir in Australia,” or “Terroir and Locality: An Anthropological Perspective.”  NOTE:  Please consider reading this PDF online and taking notes by opening a parallel file (an electronic notebook) rather than printing the PDF or handwriting your notes.  That is, experiment with online means of reading and annotating the process of your mind touching and being touched by the intro + one additional chapter of your choice.  Then bring a printed copy of your annotations–the documentation of your reading process, complete with favorite quotes, new words, insights, provocations, questions, etc. to lecture Tuesday and seminar Wednesday.

Earth Science: Please read Ch.17 of Grotzinger for Week 6.  We will be covering it over Tuesday and Friday– focusing on water availability water storage in aquifers. Please start reading for Tuesday and please finish it by Friday.

For this week, Earth Science homework is short and will be:
Chapter 17- Exercises 2,3,4,5 and 6

The homework will be due Friday (11/6/15) at the start of class.

Abir’s slides from Tuesday- incl. example of Rocks Test questions: Terroir_geo_W6T-post

Tuesday PM

Tasting Lab:  Read Stuckey ch 4 “Sight” and ch 5 “Sound”

PreLab #5:  Open book, Stuckey chs. 4 & 5. On Canvas due by 12:45 PM at 80% pass rate. Logon to Canvas through your myevergreen.edu
Tasting Lab: Stuckey pp 114-5; 131
Seminar: Read Trubek (The Taste of Place) p.54-138.

Visiting Speaker, Food Systems and Terroir:  12:00 to 1pm, Sem 2, C1107

Permaculture Lab:   Fermentation (with Steve);  (Important: Rocks test moved to Week 7 Thursday Lab )
Steve Devries and his Chocolate Library, NW Chocolate Festival, Bell Harbor, October 2015

IMG_3832 Steve Devries and his Chocolate Library, NW Chocolate Festival, Bell Harbor, October 2015 (SW)

Case Study CAL: Zotero and resource management related to eTerm paper/websites.  Practice data: Steve DeVries’s XL-based   Cacao Library

Case Study Worksheet:  Due in CAL week 7

Earth Science Lecture: Please complete reading  Ch.17 of Grotzinger for Week 6. 

Earth Science homework is Chapter 17- Exercises 2,3,4,5 and 6 and is due at the start of class (on Friday).

Answers to Ch. 17 homework: Grotzinger_Chapter 17

Seminar: Read Naked Wine- Ch.  7,8,9