Tuesday AM


Cultural Studies: Taste Culture Reader, “The High and the Low: Culinary Culture in Asia and Europe” (Goody)

Earth Science: Please read the entire and Brady and Weil Soil chapter (that you began last week) and please bring a copy to class during Week 8. Soil-intro_Ch1_BradyWeil

Abir’s Tuesday slides: Terroir_geo_W8T-post

Also please read:  http://blogs.egu.eu/network/4degrees/2013/10/24/whats-geology-got-to-do-with-it-2-coffee/      (please print and bring a copy to class in Week 8)

Pages 61-67 of the Week 7 Chapin soil chapter are complementary (NOT required). (It is posted here again just in case– Chapin_Ch3_Soils);

By the way this reading is good as well- not required: http://coffeelands.crs.org/2015/05/coffee-ground-the-importance-of-soil-health/

Planning Update:  Week 10 Fall + Winter Quarter

Emily’s Presentation Check List

Student_Final_Presentations_Evaluation_Rubric from faculty:


Fall quarter credit equivalencies plus Winter quarter ILC/SOS options:  PLEASE READ:


Tuesday PM

Field Study and Cupping (Coffee Tasting):  2:30-4:30.  Two week alternating group visits based on Thursday lab halves of program as follows:
Batdorf and Bronson (200 Market St NE; 360 753 4057). AM CAL students go here using public transportation to arrive by 2:20. Host: Bob Benck.
Olympia Coffee Roasters (108 Cherry St NE; 360 753 0066).  AM geology lab students go here using public transportation to arrive by 2:20.  Host: Sam Schroeder, Evergreen Alumnus.
No Pre-Lab; No Stuckey-Based Tasting Lab:  Please use the break from 12:00 – 2:20 to catch the bus downtown (free with student ID and star) and meet with your peer group in a favorite coffee shop to plan your week ten Case Study presentations.  (Note: Emily will provide a handout of suggestions for peer group harmony and presentation success.)

Seminar: Read Trubek: p.139-207

Art Lecture Series: 11:30-1:30 COM Recital Hall/Experimental Theater.  Guest: C. Davida Ingram
NOTE: Check website in advance for speaker topic, bio, and required reading (if any).
**9-10 AM:  Visiting Speaker: Food Systems Faculty Candidate (Sem 2 D1107)
NOTE: times for Lab/CAL will shift to morning =10:15 to 12:45; and afternoon= 1:30 to 4pm (to host visiting speaker)
Earth Science/Permaculture Lab: 
Part 1:  Rocks test (during first half of lab- closed book, run just like the mineral test, examples of question provided in lecture notes).  Anybody who would like to start early, can start as early at 10:00 (AM lab) or 1:00 (PM lab)– and the goal is to be done with the test within 1.5 hours.
Part 2: During the 2nd half of lab, we will be processing soil collected in Week 7 (at Demeter’s Garden and the Kiefer Soil Pits), as we work toward understanding moisture and carbon content of natural and human-amended soils. In addition, we plan to start trainings for microscope usage in Week 9.
Case Study CAL: 10:15-11:45 and 1:30- 3 Audacity Sound Editing with Melanie Valera
NOTE: Each group must have your three Case Study fieldwork audio files uploaded to your websites in preparation for this workshop.  We’ll be working with Melanie to learn skills for working with your files and enhancing audio quality.
** Make-up mineral test 4pm-5pm Thursday (After Lab) **
Make-up mineral test date shifted to Friday. See Friday (and sorry for changing)
Earth Science Lecture: Finish Soils and Review second half of quarter prior to Final (in week 9)
Abir made a study guide, here it is: Fall_earth-science-final_review-study-guide_posted
Abir’s Friday slides (make sure to review for test): Terroir_geo_W8F-post
Earth Science Homework: Please type 3 questions that you think would be fair final exam questions.  Please make #1 about metamorphism of rocks (to the extent we saw in lab); Please make #2 about aquifers (Ch. 17), and Please make #3 about Soils (Chapin or Brady & Weil). Providing answers to the questions is optional.
Cultural Studies (cont. from Tuesday)

“Terrorism, Terroirism?  On Not Eating Baguettes in France: Halal and Kosher”   Wk 8 Lec Terroir Kosher Halal

Seminar (10:30-11:30) : World Atlas of Coffee (Hoffman), Intro to coffee buying, storing, and brewing (pages 58-83), Sites in Africa (pages 138-151), Some sites in Asia (pages 153-165), Some sites in Americas (pages 179-187).
 **Visiting Speaker (11:30-12:30): Food Systems Faculty Candidate (Sem 2 E3105)
NOTE: Shortened seminar to host visiting speaker

1pm to 2pm– ** Make-up mineral test Friday 1-2pm (After Class) **