Continuing students please review the updated Terroir_Spring_Schedule for required texts and planning your weekly and quarter-long schedule.


9:00 turn in your completed project reflection handout (this was handed out in the computer lab on Thursday; in case you didn’t pick up a copy – the file is attached here)  Self Reflection on Case Studies and Media Projects


9:00 – 1:00 Video viewing: Chocolate +

Note the short lunch break to make time for student videos

1:30 -3:00 Independent student work food tastings –Tentative schedule/titles below — Please bring your own water bottles to rinse your palate between tastings.


  •   Itty Bitty Bread (20 mins)
  • Smoked salmon (20 mins)
    • With different salmon/smoking preparation?
  • Cannabis (Alex K. and Nick T,  15 mins)
  • Dairy and Feminism (Kristina, 10 minutes) —Pro-dairy and Anti-dairy from a feminist perspective

3pm: Longhouse Tasting Lab CLEANUP

3:00 -4:30 viewing student Oyster Videos


Due:  Seminar papers, wks 1,2, 5-9 in chronological order in a folder labeled with student first and last name to your seminar faculty at 9:30 AM.

9:30 – 11:00 Self evaluation writing  and peer review workshop.

Due: typed 750 word draft self eval to share at the workshop.

11:30-1:00  Art Lecture Series

 Julia  Heineccius, Evergreen visiting faculty, Seattle based sculpture and fine metals artist.


Due: Self Evaluation at 9 AM online at student’s and a hard copy to seminar faculty, if requested.  Sarah’s faculty office mailbox:  Sem2 A 2117

ILC Independent Project student web pages are due for review by 5 PM


Instructions for accessing the Lab Safety Quiz

-Go to the website
-Login through the CAS system using your evergreen username and password.
-Choose the course Science Support for Academics 2015-2016 (the Lab Safety Quiz cannot be found on your program’s canvas site)
-Follow the instructions
    -Click on the link for the Lab Safety Introduction.
    -Read the Lab Safety Introduction and continue by clicking the Next button at the bottom right of the screen.
    -Open the Lab Safety Handbook (this will open in a new tab or ask you to download the pdf). 
    -Return to the canvas site and click the Next button.
    -Read the instructions carefully and Take the Quiz.  You may use the Handbook to answer questions on the quiz.
    -All questions must be answered correctly to access the lab spaces.  You may repeat this quiz as many times as needed.
    -If you have any questions, please contact your program’s SIT.

Finally, the old paper version of the quiz is invalid.  However, there may still be some copies floating around in the ether.  If you happen to see a student with a paper quiz, please let them know they will still be required to do the online version.


No Class Meetings