Evaluation meetings between students and seminar faculty happen this week.  Please do not schedule travel away from campus until after making winter quarter evaluation meeting arrangements with your specific seminar faculty. 

Due at time of evaluation meeting:  Student Self-Evaluation of work for which credit will be awarded winter quarter; Student Evaluation of Faculty.  Please use forms available at myevergreen.edu for both evaluation processes.


Abir’s Student Evaluation Meeting Times– Note that Abir will meet with students in the Lab 1 building, in the 1st floor fishbowl room (which is in the area where the faculty offices are found).  

Sarah’s Student Evaluation Meeting Schedule – Sarah will meet with students in her office:  Sem2 C2106. 

[Please be responsible for swapping with peers if for any reason you need to change your meeting time.  Keep Sarah updated via email:  williasa@evergreen.edu]

STEVE’s Office for conferences – Lab I, room 2012. Steve is confident that everyone either wrote down the time they signed up for, or should have wrote down the time they signed up for.