Hi Terroir students,

 I just worked with Amy to manually add each student to be an “Administrator” to the correct Oyster case study group (so at this point you can ignore the website “invitations” I sent yesterday).  Several of you had already been added, either by Bridget/Amy, or by accepting my invite, and at this point I believe that you have all been correctly added to the correct Oyster website.

In speaking with Amy, she had a suggestion for why students who are currently administrators on the correct website are still having trouble editing.  The issue maybe that students are not logged in correctly.

When you log in to the view our regular Terroir site, our site is under “sites.evergreen.edu” and thus you get logged in to “Sites”.  However it turns out that each of Oyster case study sites is under “blogs.evergreen.edu” — and thus you also need to log into “Blogs” in order to edit your Oyster Case study website.  To log in to blogs, please go to “blogs.evergreen.edu” and press the “Login/Sign up” button. Then go back to your respective Oyster site and you should have a black dashboard bar at the top and you should be able to edit your website.

Hope this makes sense and please let me know if you are having difficulties.  I will be joining Sarah tomorrow (Thursday) from 11-12 in our reserved Library 2617 room if you have any questions.