Hi Terroirists,

Just so you know, I received the following email  from the college this morning: 

CAMPUS ADVISORY: Olympia Campus Closed Friday Due to Water and Power Outages
Evergreen’s Olympia campus is closed on Friday, February 26 due to water and power outages. Offices are closed and daytime classes and activities are cancelled. We’ll provide more information about evening and weekend classes and activities later today. Watch for email, postings to our home page and notifications from our e2campus emergency notification system.

Please stay safe.  There is a good chance that I will be on campus briefly to pick up books etc. but without power (and water) I am unlikely to stay on campus.

I had indicated that I would be available, particularly to in-program ILC students– so I will plan to move my 10:30-11:30 availability to inside the Starbucks on Cooper Point.


Thank you,