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Public Access to Media Projects and Human Subjects Research

Terroir Students,

Today in class we handed out a policy update to inform students about managing their media projects on publicly available web sites. This policy is posted under program documents on this website. For students that will be continuing spring quarter please read the Human Subjects Research Review Criteria file that is also posted under program documents. We will be covering this week 1 and expect students to be familiar with the issues raised in the document. Any project that would require human subjects research review would need to start this process no later than week 2 to ensure timely review and approval before projects begin week 6 of spring quarter.

On-Campus Project Offer – RAD sustainability internships

My name is Cecelia Verde, I work with RAD on the Sustainable Grounds crew. I am writing after having read your program description. The independent projects your students will participate in during spring quarter sound really exciting. I wanted to let you know that we offer internships through RAD Sustainability during spring quarter that would allow students to follow up with any passion sparked at Demeter’s Garden. An intern would likely help us plant both edible and inedible plants, maintain and learn about the aquaponic greenhouse we have on campus and any other tasks they wish to take on. Should this sound like it may contribute to your students’ spring plans I encourage you to pass this message along! We can be reached by phone and email with any questions. 
Thank you,
Cecelia Verde
Sustainable Grounds


CA trip – Video and half-naked yuck

Yes, video and clothing. Video first

If you want to check out a video camera from Media Loan (and haven’t reserved one yet) you’ll need to start by filling out the extended loan request form. The request can be accessed on line from Media Loan’s web site at https://forms.evergreen.edu/extended-loan-request

Remember that Monday is a holiday and we’ll leave before Media Loan is open Tuesday, so plan ahead.

Clothing and packing for CA. California will be cool and rainy, and likely sunny at some point. Yes, CA will be cool and rainy, and so will you if you do the half-naked thing thinking you are in sunny CA. Prep yourself with layered clothing all snug in a rain coat and footwear that can take getting wet. Have a day pack for your water bottle, food, notebook, media equipment, and small personal items. Pack a small, soft-sided/flexible bag with a few days extra clothing.  Large bags will be rejected by van baggage handlers and left in Olympia. Read WordPress week 3 content, it covers more important CA info.


CA trip draft itinerary

Download the draft CA trip draft itinerary. It has many links to background articles and sites/people that we will visit. It is a draft itinerary because forces out of our control could change things.  All hotels are verbally confirmed with the managers and we await contracts from some, so again, something here could change. Welcome to group trip planning!

Happy studying up for the trip,


CA Trip Important

Hi all,

Important for all students going on the CA field trip. Five actions you need to take:

  1. If you are planning on attending the Eco Farm Conference please email both Steve    scheuers@evergreen.edu and Abir    biswasa@evergreen.edu  to confirm this fact. We need to make sure van numbers work due to the groups being far apart during those days. Today – thanks!
  2. Everyone on the trip should pick up a copy of Dirt The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth by William Bryant Logan. paperback edition 2007 or later. ISBN 9780393329476  Online it can be found for about $10   On the trip you will be telling faculty what connections you find between the book and our field trip experiences.
  3. Pay your tuition and student fees. Otherwise you can’t attend.
  4. Complete the field trip waiver form that will be handed out in class next Tuesday. No form, no trip.
  5. Consider becoming a van driver. We need a couple more students to get their Evergreen Van Driver Permit Card or we aren’t going on the trip. This is for real. Everyone should determine if they are eligible by viewing the permit info at http://www.evergreen.edu/motorpool/usepermit.htm  This link and the left nav bar have all the info. This process needs to be completed early next week. If we don’t have more drivers by Thursday we will cancel the trip. Please email both Steve and Abir if you can commit to doing this so we can help you make it happen.
  6. Smile, embrace opportunity and challenges, be well

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