When I put the shell up to my lips
 and I taste the meat inside of it
 my mind flies through space and time
 this oyster would be great with wine
 With each chew I go through an
 each time it's new
 tasting the places and the things
 that this little oyster brings
 From the ocean to my mouth
 and it's clear to me
 without a doubt
 that oysters hold the soul of the sea
 salty morsels for you and me
 Purifying whilst providing
 food and love
 yonically smiling
 gender fluid
 blind to dying
 the coolest shellfish without even trying
 As a little spat you flew till you settled down
 and then grew
 keeping the waters blue and
 turning waste into something new
 oysters we thank you giving us a way to explore
 the depths of the deep blue sea
 while sitting on land beneath a tree
 oysters we thank you for
 allowing us to taste the ocean's floor
 we couldn't ask for anything more
 than the part you play upon the shore
 we love youuuuu
 we love you