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From: Academic Deans <>
Date: Friday, November 5, 2021 at 7:18 PM

Hello everyone, 

As we head into winter quarter, this is a reminder that the College expects all faculty to use Canvas, the College’s learning management systems (LMS), as a primary tool for supporting student learning. We wanted to be sure you were aware of this expectation and the support structures we have available for faculty to meet it. 

Please be aware that there is a new Canvas template available that has updated information on college policies and resources; this may be helpful for you in centralizing students’ access to that information. You can read more about how to use the template on the HelpWiki.  

To promote a more consistent student experience, we no longer recommend using WordPress as your primary course technology. Instead, by utilizing Canvas across the curriculum as the primary course home, we will reduce barriers and better serve our students. WordPress continues to serve as a flexible platform for faculty to publish professional profiles at or for students to publish journals, portfolios, and capstones at Please feel free to reach out via a support request at if you have questions about using WordPress or setting up a site. 

To support your use of Canvas, we have several resources available:  

Tech support for Canvas — two options: 

  • If you are having a tech issue with Canvas, use the “Help” button on the global navigation menu and “Report a Problem” (“Help” is at the bottom of the menu at far left) 
  • If you have a question about using Canvas, how to set up an assignment, discussion, Student Groups, etc, please submit a support request at 
  • The help ticket system allows our tech support staff to track and triage a large volume of support requests. Please allow at least one business week for your request to be processed. 

Thank you, 

Academic Deans 

The Evergreen State College is open; find updated information at www.evergreen.eduWe are working remotely in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  
In addition, the following academic administration offices will be working reduced hours on Fridays due to lower staffing levels. Our available hours are Monday through Thursday from 8-12/1-5 and on Friday from 8-12:

Deans Area
Institutional Research
Academic Budget Office
Provost’s Office

We are checking our individual and office emails during these hours and our office phone messages daily. We apologize for any delays in responding.

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