Recast | Scholarship opportunity for students — please ensure completion of spring evals before 7/15

From: “Williamson, Elizabeth” <>
Date: Saturday, July 3, 2021 at 2:21 PM

Dear colleagues,

Good news:

The deans have just been informed that the Governor’s Office has created a vaccine incentive for college students and has allocated $10,000 to Evergreen for scholarship awards. 

Bad news:

The College must make these awards to students no later than July 30, which means they need their credits posted by July 15. (A full list of the criteria is below, in case you want to make sure your students are aware of the opportunity). There are currently more than 500 evaluations in the system that have not yet been started. 


I know it’s been an extraordinarily stressful year, and many of you are holding off on posting credit because you are waiting for students to turn in work that they’ve promised you. I trust your judgement about whether giving students an NCR is the best approach in these cases. But for many students, late or missing evaluations have the potential to hold up not just this one-time money, but the financial aid they need to continue at Evergreen. As the deans have stated in previous reminders, evaluations for spring were due on 6/25. 

I’ll be following up with folks individually, and I know that our amazing staff colleagues will do everything they can to make sure the evaluations you send them are finalized by 7/15. 

If you do have outstanding evaluations, please prioritize your spring quarter students, and thank you in advance for making time for this essential task!


• Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a scholarship:

o Washington resident

o Completed 6 or more credits during Spring 2021 quarter

o Did not graduate/complete at end of Spring 2021 quarter

o Provide proof of having received COVID-19 vaccination

Elizabeth Williamson, Ph.D.
(pronouns: she/her)
Curriculum and Faculty Hiring Dean
Library 2003
The Evergreen State College  |  Olympia, WA  98505

The Evergreen State College is open. We are modifying operations to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Please check the college homepage at for the latest information on college operations.

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