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From: “Williamson, Elizabeth” <>
Date: Monday, April 5, 2021 at 6:20 PM

Dear colleagues, 

At the risk of exceeding my quota for all faculty emails (I will stop after this!), I wanted to amplify and lift up the message from Ariel pasted below. 

The Writing Center does amazing work supporting students with their Academic Statements. But most students (sadly!) don’t go to the Writing Center for help. Faculty are still their first, last, and best chance of getting meaningful feedback—especially on the final version that goes onto the transcript.  

With that in mind, here are 3 requests:    

1) Please look out for messages from your path conveners about some of the mentoring activities occurring on 5/19 and sign up to pitch in.

2) Please plan to devote some time this coming quarter to supporting any graduating seniors in your program who are working to finalize their Academic Statements. 

3) As you look forward to fall quarter, please remember that it’s not the responsibility of the Writing Center to provide in-class Academic Statement workshops (see CBA 6.2.2). I know that the AS is probably the last thing on your mind right now, which is understandable. When you get to that spot in your planning, I’m happy to share the resources I have with anyone who is looking for a place to start. There are also some good resources available on the Mentoring and Academic Statement Canvas site. The site could use some updates, but perhaps you will find it useful.  



The Writing Center can help your students with the Academic Statement! 

Outside of Class Support Options

Send your students to our open workshop:

Direct your students to last year’s workshop recording on our website:

Point out our new, comprehensive, 70-page guide on the Academic Statement:

Recommend one-on-one tutoring sessions:

In-program/In-class options:

Tutors or I can visit your class to do a Writing Center intro

  • If you would like me or a tutor to do an in-class visit and pitch using the Writing Center or these other resources, I would love to stop by.

We can support your workshop from the sidelines.

  • If you have a workshop you’re putting on, we can send a tutor or myself to add in any helpful information or peer perspective, when prompted.

We can lead a peer-review workshop to set your students up for successful peer review.

  • If you’d like to conduct peer-review workshop during class, I’d be happy to send a tutor to rotate through peer groups or conduct our peer review prep workshop. The peer review prep workshop helps students think beyond surface errors and writing rules and center the goals of the writer and the needs of the audience.

We can send peer-review group facilitators

  • We can send tutors to rotate through your peer review groups to act as model peer reviewers and help facilitate.

Note: We are NOT offering in-class workshops about how to write an Academic Statement.

  • We are providing all of options listed, but we are not offering in-class Academic Statement workshops at this time. We are finding it important to draw a line between the offerings that faculty provide and the deans programming provides. Much of the knowledge we hold on writing Academic Statements can be found in our Guide to Writing Your Academic Statement and accessed through one-on-one peer tutoring sessions.

Further support options:

Chatting it over:

  • If you’d like to meet to discuss your workshop plans, I am happy to chat and lead you through the resources we have created or just respond to the ideas you have for AS support for your students.

Email me or fill out this snazzy form to get something going:

Support Request: Academic Statement Support from the Writing Center

<Academic Statement Workshop Flyer.jpg><Academic Statement Workshop Flyer (2).pdf>

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