Are you curious about New Student Orientation?

Recently, Mel Pascal, Assistant Director of New Student Programs sent an informational message about orientation

Greetings Evergreen Community! 

I am writing to provide you with an update from the New Student Programs Office. My name is Mel Pascal, Assistant Director, New Student Programs. I came from Academic and Career Advising in February and have been busy planning the 3 orientations with my colleagues. I want to express my gratitude for Jadon Berry who continues to play an essential role in the success of all First Year Experience Programs, including our fantastic orientations, all while working in a new position. Thank you, Jadon, for your support!

Orientation Season has started, and our committees are working hard to make Pre-Orientation and Orientation special for all our new students. This year’s theme is Welcoming and Belonging. We hope that each of our community members will be as eager to welcome our new students as we are.

  • Soon we will have a digital signup form for offices and programs who would like to volunteer. Keep an eye out for your opportunity to welcome new students to Evergreen.  
  • The Orientation Virtual Webinar Series is going well. The webinar series includes:  
    • Webinar #1 is a welcome from our Senior Leadership, and an overview of Campus Resources helping new students with information and answering questions.  
    • Webinar #2 introduces students to “What is Liberal Arts” and the Evergreen Common Read, led by Eirik Steinhoff.  
    • Webinar #3 helps student degree plan with Academic and Career Advising and our PATHS Faculty help students with their chosen path, answer questions and welcome our new students to Evergreen.  
    • Webinar #4 introduces students to our incredible First Peoples Multicultural Trans and Queer Support Services and Staff. The second half of this webinar is a Q&A; answering questions from each of the webinars along with information about Pre-Orientation and Orientation.  
  • Pre-Orientation 
    • September 16-22, 2022 
    • Registration information was sent to all new student’s Evergreen email on August 17, 2022. 
    • For more information about Pre-Orientation please visit,  
    • For questions about the 3 different Pre-Orientation Programs (POP) reach out to: 
      • Greener Connections, Eirik Steinhoff or Mel Pascal.  
      • Athletes: Zeb Hoffman or Ray Finn  
      • International: Brynn Smith  
  • Orientation 
    • September 22-24, 2022 
    • Registration information will be sent beginning August 27, 2022 to all new student’s Evergreen email.  
    • For more information about Orientation please visit,  
    • For questions about Orientation please feel free to reach out to: 
      • Orientation: Mel Pascal 
      • Resource Fair & Volunteers: Kayla Mahnke-Hargett 
        • The Resource Fair will be held in the library lobby September 22, 2022, 1:00pm-3:00pm 
        • The volunteer opportunities signup sheet will be arriving in your Evergreen mailbox by the end of August. We will need the Evergreen Community’s help throughout Pre-Orientation and Orientation from welcoming our new students to the campus, to enjoying a good meal on Red Square or helping them check-in to Housing. 
      • Faculty/Student Workshops: Eirik Steinhoff 

Thank you for all your continued support for New Student Orientation and especially for our beautiful Students!


Melissa Pascal, Assistant Director, New Student Programs, Where Students Start Their Journey  

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