Recast | Writing & Tutoring Class Info-Session: Olympia & Tacoma

From: “Birks, Ariel” <>
Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 1:23 PM

Hello, all!

The tutoring class, Cultivating Voice, is coming up in Spring Quarter. This 2-credit course is open to students on the Olympia and Tacoma campuses! Won’t you please recommend to your students that they join our info session?  Feel free to forward this email and share the attached document.

Who is it for?

We recommend Cultivating Voice for anyone who is interested in understanding themselves and their writing process on a deeper level.

Students who enroll in Cultivating Voice: A Writing Tutor’s Craft are preparing a) to deeply examine their own writing process and listening process, and b) to unpack the sociopolitical implications of engaging with their own and others’ voices. Students practice tutoring with one another and with experienced writing tutors so that they can find out if tutoring is a good fit for them and, if so, hit the ground running in fall.

Your support matters!

Many of our tutors found out about the opportunity to become a tutor through a staff or faculty member. When you notice a student who is skilled in listening, offering valuable feedback, and working well across significant differences, please recommend that they pursue a position as a writing tutor.

The first steps on to the tutoring table start now. Writing Center alums go on to do amazing work with the experiences and passions they cultivate at the Writing Center. We have awesome alumni that have gone on to thrive as counselors, public administrators, writing professionals, publishers, graphic designers, social workers, and more. So many of them credit their time at the Writing Center as critical to building their resumes and confidence. Be a part of the magic!

Cultivating Voice Info Session

  • Weds. Feb. 17, 2021, 2 – 3 pm
  • Zoom ID: 810 9922 3775

The info session will cover:

  • How to become a tutor (the process)
  • What the class topics are
  • Why take the class if you aren’t planning on becoming a tutor

More Information


Ariel Birks
Assistant Director, Writing Center


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