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Date: Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 2:31 PM

Resources and Reminders 

WINTER 2021 WEEK 8  

Greetings all: 

A bit of blue sky here and there is showing a little promise of spring! Hope you are getting out to enjoy it. Please read the following messages in their entirety in order to best support students and your work!  

Events and Deadlines   ♥SURF ♥ Academic Fair ♥ Transitioning to Fall ♥ ILCs ♥ Library & Media deadlines ♥ College Update from President ♥ Climate Center Community Forum 

End of quarter reminders   ♥ Student Self Evals ♥ Faculty Evals ♥ Incompletes 


♥ SURF projects. Thanks to all of you who submitted SURF projects for our students this summer. The student applications will be posted on the website very soon. Please encourage students to apply. The deadline is Monday, March 22, 2021. 

♥ Academic Fair is Wednesday, March 3rd, from 4 to 6 pm via zoom. Please set up your own zoom meetings for the fair. See:  Schedule a Zoom Meeting via the Web Portal. Those zoom links, as well as your fair handouts, will be provided to students on a webpage. Links will also be available to the other offices and support services students are accustomed to finding at the fair (The deadline was Feb 24 for this; contact Registration and Records if you missed it and need help).    

♥ Ramping up for fall in-person instruction. As Trevor Speller wrote in a recent email, many of you have questions about fall 2021. The curriculum team hopes to present an information session during the Week 10 faculty meeting, to discuss planning for fall instruction and gather feedback on the planning process. March 29 is the deadline to complete the fall ‘21 catalog revision form.   

♥ Individual Learning Contract and Internship Deadline: Please remember that Friday of Week 10 (March 122021), is the deadline for faculty approval of next quarter ILCs and internships.  Please encourage students to pay attention to this deadline. 

♥ Library and Media Services now has a four week minimum, rolling deadline. Library and Media Services offers many supports, including book purchases, media equipment proficiency instruction, media equipment workshops, media support for academic events, etc. Place requests four weeks in advance of the needed date. It is no longer accepted practice to make last minute requests.  Fall 2021 instructional support needs: if you are designing curriculum for fall that includes media equipment purchasing, media software, licenses, etc., the window of opportunity to make requests is between March 1 –29, prior to adjusting the catalog.  

 ♥ The College Update from President Bridges will be MondayMarch 1 at 3:00-4:00. Or join by phone: +1 253 215 8782 Webinar ID: 832 2479 1703 

♥ Climate Center Community Forum. All students, staff and faculty are invited to join us for a community forum to discuss the new Center for Climate Action and Sustainability on March 3, 1:00-2:30 pm:  We are thrilled with the news of a donation to support the launch of a Center for Climate Action and Sustainability on campus. An advisory group would like to hear from you and your students. Please share this invitation with them.  These conversations will help us determine the scope of the Center, draft a mission statement, and recruit a Center Director. We hope to launch the new Center in the next academic year. 


♥ Don’t forget that all students are required to write a self-evaluation for each program they takeand this self-evaluation should be turned in through Doing so does not submit the self-evaluation to the student’s transcript (there are plenty of online warnings)! Students are not obliged to post self-evaluations to their transcript. 

 ♥ Helping Students Write their Evaluations of Faculty: This may be a genre of writing unfamiliar to new students. You can support them (and solicit more meaningful feedback) by clarifying for them: 1) the purpose of writing the evaluation; 2) the audiences who will read the evaluation. Helpful prompts could provide them with elements of work they might likely comment upon such as clarity of syllabus and assignments, fostering of learning community, facilitation of productive seminar, etc. Student evaluations of faculty can be submitted through, and students have the option of making it visible only after their credit has been posted. Please note: a practice in the past was for faculty to ask students to bring their faculty eval to conferences and read it out loud; this is no longer a common practice. Students have a right to submit feedback privately, visible to faculty only after evaluations have been posted.  Students report a genuine interest in providing constructive feedback to faculty, and the depth and quality of feedback is often increased after a workshop on how to write these evaluations.  

♥ Awarding Incompletes.  Offering incompletes for extended periods of time puts us in tension with federal policies and processes for returning financial aid funds. We ask that you only provide students, to whom you know you will be awarding some credit, with a thirty-day extension. This would not only remove any conflict with meeting federal policies and processes, but also will not drag student incompletes out.  If you will be awarding no credit, this must be posted by the college’s evaluation due date, which is within two weeks of the end of the term. Even as students are engaged with making up work, please document the credits that have been earned in the online record system at the end of the program. 

Thanks for all of the big, big work. Take good care of yourselves. And let us know how we can help.


Academic Deans

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