RECAST | IMPORTANT UPDATE: Spring 2020 Individual Study Contracts

Dear Faculty Colleagues:

We are all working hard to pivot the entire curriculum to remote teaching, and this needs to include Individual Learning Contracts (ILC) and Internship Learning Contracts (INT). We have thought this through carefully, and have sent out the email communication below to all students who currently have a contract in the Contract System. We are returning all of the contracts currently in the system (even those that are currently registered), and asking students to either revise and resubmit, or to make another choice for spring. Please read through this communication carefully so that you can best support students.

We expect that existing ILCs and especially INTs will need to be revised. We also expect that given the current conditions, more students will opt for individual learning, so all faculty should have these parameters in mind.

If you were planning an in-program internship as part of your program, you will need to redesign with these criteria in mind.

Thank you for all of your hard work to rebuild our curricular plans for spring!!

Best wishes for a restful weekend!

The Academic Deans

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