Welcome to your Fall 2022 Weeks 9 Resources and Reminders!  

Dear Colleagues:  

As we move toward the close of fall quarter, please review the resources below for finishing out well and ensuring as much clarity and support for student success as possible.  This week’s R&R includes: 

·         Student support (Academic Fair; Greener Hub) 

·         End of quarter reminders (Incompletes; Academic Statement; Advising & CARE team) 

·         Professional travel for faculty 

·         Program Secretaries’ reminders (contact; mail; printers; travel) 

·         Evaluation writing 

  Academic Fair: Just a reminder that Academic Fair is coming up!  This will again be a virtual (Zoom) fair, 4-6pm Wednesday, November 30th.  Faculty’s Zoom links and handouts were due November 16th, and this information will be provided to students on this page. (Faculty can still submit a zoom link and upload their handout on this page: https://sites.evergreen.edu/academicfair/faculty-registration/.) 

Greener Hub: Please let students know that they can direct their questions (about anything, really) via a help ticket through the Greener Hub. The Hub will then direct the inquiry to the appropriate office or individual. This tool is meant to reduce the “run-around” of going from office to office with questions. Please share and advise students to use it! https://helpwiki.evergreen.edu/wiki/index.php/Greener_Hub 


Awarding Incompletes. We encourage you to exercise care when offering incompletes.  Please remember thatfederal financial aid regulations require students to complete incomplete work within 30 days, which in turn creates a faculty responsibility to assess the work and complete the final eval within those 30 days. The financial impact on students can be devastating if your evaluation of student work arrives late. Please be sure to close the loop and post INC credits as soon as possible after work is turned in.   

Academic Statement: As you wrap up fall quarter and continue to work with students on their Academic Statement please remind them that the submission window for the Annual Statement is already open (and extends from November 11, 2022 to May 19, 2023).  Encouraging students to submit their draft Annual Statement now will help them get this fall registration requirement out of the way; they are still welcome to revise their Annual Statement later in the year.  More information about Academic Statements can be found here: https://www.evergreen.edu/academicstatement/academic-statement.  

Academic and CARE Team Support: As we move toward the end of quarter and winter registration, just a reminder that students who need Advising support can email Academic and Career Advising at advising@evergreen.edu . Other communication options students may wish to use can be found on the Advising website at: https://www.evergreen.edu/advising/contact-advisor.   If you have other end of quarter concerns about students, please file a CARE Report.    


Please use the form found here to apply in advance for faculty travel (whether in-person or virtual conferences). We ask that you apply at least 3 weeks before the event to give us ample time to process the request.   

PROGRAM SECRETARIES information sharing 

·         Program Secretaries, where and when to find us:  

·         Susan DeRosa, Lab2, 2257 and Sem2, on campus Tues., Wed., Thurs.  

·         Julie Rahn, Lab1,1018, on campus Mon., Tues., Thurs.  

·         Please email us at ProgramSecretaries@evergreen.edu  

·         Orissa Quihuis is our student worker; Pam Udovich and Genevieve Galarneau are still part of the eval team, and a new hire for Sem2 Secretary is in process.  

·         Mail:   

·         Outgoing mail will need an org/budget number of program for shipping charges  

·         Please contact ext. 6326 for Mailroom questions   

·         Printers:   

·         Please submit Help Ticket if unable to reconnect to the new system  

·         Tech Support will set up one-on-one meetings to assist in set up  

·         Be sure to work with The Copy Center for large print jobs (over 30) and custom or color requests. They do a great job and deliver promptly to your mailbox. Send requests to copycenter@evergreen.edu and/or call them at ext. 6848.  

·         Field Trips, Travel, Reimbursements:  

·         Handled by Academic Budget staff of Tina Pearson, Halle Feiring, and Michelle Bartlett  

·         Copies of printed forms are available in Program Office mailrooms in Labs 1&2, Sem2A-Cluster Support and Com.  


As we move into Week 10 and evaluation week, there is a lot that faculty can do to facilitate the work of program secretaries, who are processing our evaluations, and students, for whom our evaluations are part of their permanent record of learning. This Evaluations Reminders document (previously sent last spring) includes information on such topics as timeline, guidelines, common errors, and much more to help support your evaluation writing. 

Please also reference the following credit policies approved by the Faculty: 

·         Credit, evaluations and academic standing 

o    Please note that the Pandemic Interim Credit Policy, while still in place in fall, will not extend into winter since Washington’s state of emergency has ceased.  

·         Amending student records 

·         Quarter hour credit award 

·         Upper division credit 

·         Evaluation writing 

·         Completion of academic work 

Thank you so much for all you have done to welcome students to campus this fall, and to support their learning as we transition towards winter quarter. 

The Academic Deans | 360.867.6810 

Rachel Hastings | Steff Beck | Marcia Tate-Arunga | Kevin Francis | Greg Mullins | Lori Blewett | Abir Biswas | John Caraher | Kristina Ackley 

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