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Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 7:59 AM

Welcome to your Fall 2020 Week Four Resources and Reminders! 


  • Week five support for students, including Academic Standing policies 
  • What to do in power outages 
  • CELTC update 

And More!! 

Dear Faculty Colleagues –  

We are coming up on mid-quarter for Fall 2020. Thanks for all you have done to launch a mostly-remote fall quarter!  

Good news that may have impacted your fall offering: this year four times as many students registered in week one and week two as compared to last year (a net growth of 67 students from day one to day ten; 2/3 continuing students, 1/3 new students). The good news is this boosted overall enrollment! The impact on many of you is that those last-minute students didn’t have immediate access to Canvas, etc., until they registered. Thank you for your patience through the welcome and support students into your offering.  

Week 5 Check-Ins: As Week 5 approaches we send this reminder of our tradition of mid-quarter check-ins with your students. Please ensure that you contact all students who may face the possibility of not earning all credits so far this quarter, by Friday, October 30. Let students who may not be earning full credit know what they need to do to earn full credit, with a schedule for completing the work, if possible. When you communicate with students, we encourage use of supportive language such as “academic concern” rather than “warning” or “in danger of losing credit.” Please encourage students to visit an academic advisor, and/or resources like the Writing Center or the QuaSR Center.  

Academic Standing Policies: Mid-quarter may be a good time to re-familiarize yourself with Evergreen’s Academic Standing policies. Note that there are somewhat different conditions for good academic standing and financial aid eligibility. For both, a general rule is the 75% guideline: if a student earns less than 3/4 of their credits in a given quarter, they may be risking their financial aid and good academic standing. When you meet with students who may be earning less than full credit, please advise them to keep their eye on their academic standing and financial aid. Encourage them to speak with Academic Advising (, Financial Aid (, and/or the Academic Deans ( 

Bear in mind these policies apply only to 16 credits offerings; given the move to many 12 credit options to satisfy furloughs, this makes it more difficult for students to stay in good standing.  At 12 credits, a student cannot lose any credits without financial aid implications, so given the multiplication of 12 credit options in winter and spring, please be very careful to support students and communicate with them the stakes of earning all of their credit. 

Please note that we are extending our interim Academic Standing policy developed in the spring of 2020 (This has been adjusted for the duration of the COVID period).  

Have you had a conversation with your students about these policies? Is it included in your syllabus? Talking with students about these policies in general can help alleviate surprise, stress and panic down the line. Look for more conversation about equitable policies and practices as we undertake a reflection and review this year. 

Processing No Credit Reports: Do you have students who have dropped your program but still appear on the roll? If it’s appropriate, and if you haven’t already done so, it may be useful to fill out a no-credit report on under the “class lists and evaluations” link, indicating the last date of attendance. By filling this out before the end of the quarter, the student will get notices regarding financial aid reimbursement and other registration actions much earlier than they otherwise would. 

Power outages and other disruptions. We’ve seen some gusty days already this October and resulting power pulses and outages. We encourage you to develop a contingency plan with your students that includes a back-up mode of emergency communication and clear ways students can carry on with work, even when synchronous meeting is not possible. Please review this handy set up guidelines from the Learning and Teaching Commons: The hope, of course, is that all students have equal access to earning their credits even if they don’t have equal access to the power and wifi they need! 

Updates from the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Transformational Change (CELTC) (submitted by Tamsin Foucrier) 

We are pleased to announce the new launch of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Transformational Change (CELTC) this fall at Evergreen. The CELTC will work to extend social and sustainability entrepreneurship beyond the classroom, in addition to supporting academic offerings. This includes facilitating engagement with and among students, faculty, staff, courses, programs, clubs, college leadership, alumni, local entities, wider community, and others.  

This month, the CELTC will convene faculty/staff, alumni/community, and student advisory boards to help shape the center’s mission and long-term strategic plan. In addition, entrepreneurship training and educational modules designed as an educational support tool for faculty throughout Evergreen will begin rolling out. Finally, the center is beginning the development of a longer-term, structured social and sustainability entrepreneurship pathway, while continuing to build upon the incredible entrepreneurship work already being done at Evergreen. If you are interested in connecting with the CELTC’s work, please email me, Tamsin Foucrier, the center’s new director ( We look forward to all future collaboration! 

SURF & Return to Evergreen. Thanks to SURF faculty and student teams for their hard work this summer. Students went above and beyond to create video presentations of their summer work to share at the Return to Evergreen event that was launched this past weekend. Videos will continue to be available at the Return to Evergreen site.  

Book Orders for winter quarter are due and can be submitted through The Library makes every effort to purchase e-books for your offerings, and both the Greener Bookstore and Library need lead time to purchase and process. Please attend to this task as soon as possible. 

Phishing Notice. Be cautious of suspicious emails, do not forward them to others, and please report suspected phishing to

Election season support. Please make use of, and share with your students, the resources assembled at this website for students, staff, and faculty: Would you like to join the TLC that is supporting these activities? If so, send us a note at

COVID-19 safety support. Check this site regularly for updates, and encourage students also to do so:

Thank you for attending to these reminders. We are here to support you–let us know how. 

Karen Gaul, Larry Geri, Kathleen Eamon, Greg Mullins, Marcia Tate Arunga, Elizabeth Williamson The Academic Deans

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