RECAST | Winter ‘21 Catalog Updates Complete

From: Speller, Trevor <>
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2020 11:54 AM

Dear Faculty colleagues –  

I’m writing to let you know that we have completed updates to the winter 2021 Academic Catalog. 

We promised students those updates would be completed by November 15 – and by and large, they were. Catalog updates included any changes as a result of furlough plans and also reflect our best understanding of in-person learning next quarter. Thank you for the care and attention you gave to revising your offerings. I saw a host of new approaches in our teaching, and real responsiveness to student needs.  

The Provost recently sent a message to students about the updated catalog. That message is attached. Your students may have questions for you about the changes to your program or course. Please do your best to be encouraging and helpful.  

With all of these changes, it is essential that faculty attend the virtual Academic Fair on December 2, from 4-6 pm. We have changed the format of the Virtual Fair in response to Zoom-related issues last time around.  If you have not yet provided your zoom link, please follow the instructions in the attached email.

One last thought: scheduling. Students will need our daytime 12 and 4 credit offerings to align. This is somewhat critical in winter and especially critical in spring. The curriculum team and CAT leaders are trying out a consistent framework. We are trying to schedule 4 credit courses Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3-5, and Friday afternoons between 1-5. Daytime 12 credit programs should avoid scheduling during those times.  

Also, please do not schedule classes over the entire lunch hour. Students who live on campus still need to access the Greenery, currently open from 11:00-1:00.  

The curriculum team and CAT leaders are eager for feedback on a more structured approach to scheduling. 

Thanks again for all your hard work this quarter – and enjoy the upcoming break!

Sincerely –  


Trevor Speller, PhD –- he/him  Interim Vice-Provost

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