RECAST | Late Fee’s delayed

From: Pedersen, Eric <>
Sent: Friday, October 2, 2020 3:41 PM

The college has a larger than unusual number of late applicants and late registrations this year.  This also means we have a larger than normal number of students still working through the financial aid process.  Enrollment Services will not charge late registration fees next week for those that need to add, drop, or change registration.  All standard signature requirements remain in place.  Business Services will delay the charging the late payment fee for those waiting for financial until close of business next Friday, February 9.

The following message has been posted on my.evergreen and will be texted to registered students shortly.   

Late fees suspended until next Friday, October 9th. If your financial aid is still in-progress you will not be charged a late registration or late payment fee until Next Friday. If you were considering withdrawing please wait. If you have withdrawn and would like to re-enroll, email

This has been, as they say, a developing situation. I’m sorry we couldn’t announce the fee suspension sooner.  If you have been in contact with a student who may have withdrawn today, you could have them email and inquire about rejoining their program, course, or courses.

If you have any questions please send them to me.  

Eric R. Pedersen

Chief Enrollment Officer

The Evergreen State College

360-867-6311 office

360-742-2551 mobile

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