RECAST | Advisory on Field Trips and College Related Travel

Dear Colleagues,

On Saturday, the CDC issued a level 2 global travel advisory, which includes the United States. With that guidance, please see the following update regarding college related travel in spring quarter:

  • All study abroad trips and domestic field trips involving air travel are cancelled for spring quarter. Please work with the Academic Budget Office for help cancelling any reservations.
  • Local and regional domestic field trips planned prior to April 24, 2020 are also cancelled. Motorpool will work with you to cancel reservations. Please work with Academic Budget Office to cancel or postpone any reservations with eternal agencies associated with field trips.
  • Local and regional domestic field trips planned after April 24, 2020 require prior-approval by the Provost. Approval will depend on the safety precautions taken on the trip and the expected public health conditions at the time. We will provide an application form for this approval within the next two weeks.
  • ILC and INT students who have plans to travel domestically as part of their study are advised to reconsider these trips, unless they are travelling to their primary residence or some other location where they are able to self-isolate if needed. The deans will be reaching out to  ILC and INT students with known travel plans with this advice. Please check-in with your students regarding their travel plans and advise them accordingly.
  • The Office of International Programs will be directly contacting students with prior plans to study abroad  on ILCs and INTs advising them that they will need to cancel their plans and return home, subject to an appeal to the dean of international programs. The appeal will consider relative safety risks of travelling to a primary residence relative to staying in place.
  • Professional travel, domestic or international, that is planned prior to April 24, 2020 is cancelled. Approval for professional travel plans after April 24, 2020 is subject to the usual approval process. At this time we are advising against making plans for professional travel for the duration of spring quarter, due to the risk that those plans will need to be cancelled if public health conditions do not improve in a timely way. We will be able to provide reimbursement for registration expenses, and any charges for trip cancellation (most airlines are waiving these). We will not be able to refund the cost of flights, since the credits for future flights accrue to the passenger, not the College.
  • All other travel on college business requires approval by a vice president.

Thank you all for your flexibility and resilience as circumstances change. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of assistance.

Best wishes and good health,


David McAvity |   Vice Provost and  Academic Dean
3801 Library Building  | Tel: 360.867.5490

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