RECAST|Campus Climate Survey Report

From: Bridges, George
Date: Sep 3, 2020, 6:14 PM -0700

As part of our commitment to becoming a more welcoming, inclusive, and equitable campus, we launched a campus climate survey in winter of this year. Conducted by an independent firm experienced in assessing the culture and climate of organizations and institutions, the survey gathered the opinions and views of 1253 students, faculty and staff.

In collaboration with the firm, faculty, staff, and students serving on our Campus Climate Committee (2019-20) designed the survey, then the Campus Climate Work Group (summer 2020) analyzed the results. Both teams were led by Hannah Simonetti, Director of Climate & Belonging Education and First Peoples Trans & Queer Services, and Faculty member, Carolyn Prouty, and included members of the community listed at the end of this report. We are deeply grateful for their efforts in leading all aspects of the survey, including preparation of an executive summary of the survey results.

A copy of the team’s Executive Summary and recommendations for future work can be found attached, and on the Inclusive Excellence & Student Success homepage, with links to SoundRocket’s final report.

We will be discussing the survey results in the months ahead and developing action plans in response to the findings and recommendations. Please take time to review both documents, directing any questions you have to Therese Saliba, Interim VP of Inclusive Excellence & Student Success (

Thank you.


George S. Bridges

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