RECAST | Important Orientation Details: September 25th and 26th

From: Academic Deans
Date: Sep 3, 2020, 4:03 PM -0700
To: All Faculty

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing to confirm some details about Orientation Week, with a focus on the crucial role we are inviting you to play in welcoming our students to Evergreen.

Some key things to know:


Friday, 9/25 – 10:00-11:30
Live opening webinar; staff, faculty and administrators will welcome students and model an interdisciplinary conversation about Solnit’s book.

Friday 9/25 – 1-3
Faculty-student workshops; faculty and students will gather in a Zoom meeting room for a brief workshop organized by Eirik Steinhoff and Stokley Towles and will then be moved into breakout rooms to share what they have written and get to know each other.

Saturday, 9/26 – 10:00-11:30
A recording of the Friday webinar will be recast for EWS students.

Saturday, 9/26 – 1-3
Faculty-student workshops for EWS students (see above).

Expectations of faculty:

If you are teaching 8 credits or more in Oly Day or EWS, please plan to attend the panel Friday morning and please hold both Friday from 1-3 and Saturday from 1-3. As always, a workshop format has been designed for you by hardworking colleagues, but you are free to get creative with it once you get into your room with students. More details about the workshop will be forthcoming with your assignment.

Faculty not assigned to a fall session will be asked to participate in orientation activities for students entering in winter/spring. Plans for winter/spring Mentoring Days are still under construction. We welcome your ideas about how best to get students connected with faculty mentors under the current conditions.


Elizabeth Williamson
Academic Dean

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