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Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 6:42 AM

Greetings, hard-working colleagues. 

I am writing to provide you some support as you teach and work remotely this fall.

Class lists and Week 1 tracking forms are now available!  You can generate a class list at your convenience and see real-time data about your students’ registration status. The class list shows you students’ chosen first names (which may differ from their legal first name) if they asked us to have their chosen first name on their record. The chosen first name will appear in parentheses next to the legal first name, the same convention that is used when writing evaluations for students who use first names different from their legal first name. 

How do I get my class list to track week 1 attendance? 

You have access to multiple class list reports. Please choose the “Week 1 Tracking” option for the first day of class. All faculty teaching in a program (not just program coordinators) or course may generate class lists. Go to, select the Class Lists and Evaluations from your Faculty menu, find and click on the name of your program or course, then go to the Class List tab and select the term for the list you want. If you run into an issue, go to our help wiki for further support

There are options for you to filter the list by Course Reference Number (CRN) or by faculty member, if you wish. These filters are intended to help you with your work inside the program or course. When creating your Week 1 Tracking list, please use the complete (i.e. non-filtered) option for reporting your registration updates to our office. Print the Week 1 Tracking list as close to the start of your class as possible to have the most up to date list. 

Why should I return a tracking form? 

Returning your Week 1 Tracking form is very important to our work and to students’ finances. Because of the sensitive nature of the information on the list, the faculty must turn it in. 

If you indicate on the form that a student’s registration should be dropped because they are not attending, you will not need to enter a no credit for them at the end of the quarter or need to help them with a petition to drop the registration later. In addition, the student will not be in a potential position of owing thousands of dollars for something they never participated in.  

You can also indicate on the form which students you are giving permission to join your program or course so we can help support them with getting registered.  

How do I give students an override to add registration? 

Faculty who are program coordinators may give students overrides in class information. This is the preferred way of adding an override, as it allows students to complete their registration 24/7 through 4 pm Friday of Week 1 and keeps our student data secure.  Visit our help wiki ( for directions on how to enter overrides in You may also give overrides on your tracking form or on a registration form. If none of these options work for you, you may also email your consent to and we will enter the override for you.

A reminder: giving your permission does not finalize registration for the student. They must still follow through by completing their registration online via or through our office by 4 pm on Friday of week 1. 

You may request observer access to Canvas ( for students who are interested in joining your class but are not yet registered. Students need to complete their registration by the end of week 2 to be considered enrolled in your class for the quarter. 

What do I do with the list? 

Please return your Week 1 Tracking form to us by Tuesday of Week 2. You may return your class list tracking form in a few ways: 

I have attached a document with our policies and practices related to FERPA and Public Records regulations, as you conduct first week of instruction and throughout the quarter. These policies and practices are designed to protect our students’ privacy and the attached guidance includes helpful information on protecting your own privacy. Some of the information is specific to working remotely but a lot of it is useful information to know even when we return to in-person settings. 

If you have any questions about your class lists, tracking forms, overrides, FERPA or anything else related to enrollment in your program or course, please feel free to email me ( or the Registration Office ( for assistance. 


Lori Klatt 

Interim Registrar 

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