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Sent: Monday, September 28, 2020 12:56 PM

Hello, and welcome to this dramatically different new year. 

As many of you already know, TRIO Student Success at The Evergreen State College is a federally funded program that provides direct support services for first generation, low-income, and/or students with documented disabilities to successfully attain their bachelor’s degrees.

Students who participate in the TRiO Student Success Services program have access to numerous tools and resources intended to help them stay in school and earn a college degree. Experienced and knowledgeable staff work individually with each student, identifying and providing those resources which will be of greatest value.

Staff and Faculty at Evergreen are such great partners in connecting students to TRiO. Below you will find a number of opportunities for you to refer students and/or learn more about our work.

TRiO Applications are now open:

Applications can be found here.

TRiO Student Success has recently been awarded a second grant that will allow us to serve an additional 100 students with documented disabilities. In the next couple months we will begin to scale up the program and begin taking additional applications. 

If you are working with a student and are unsure if they are eligible for TRiO, please encourage them to check out the Apply and FAQ section of our TRiO Student Success webpage.  

TRiO 2 Credit Student Success Course Is Accepting Students Through Week 2:

Students can now register for the 2 Credit Fall TRiO Student Success Course.  TRiO’s course is held every Wednesday from 1:30-3:30pm. The purpose of this TRiO Student Success Class is to provide eligible students with the academic supports, tools, and resources that promote a successful transition into Evergreen.

This course will be most helpful for students who are new to the college and may be particularly helpful for students who are transferring in and may not have access to the FYE curriculum in their programs. 

Students do not have to be registered in TRiO to participate in the course, but do need to be eligible (first generation, low income and/or have a documented disability). 

If you know of a student who may benefit from this course, please encourage them to contact so that we may get them registered.

Interested in Learning More About TRiO?

TRiO Student Success looks forward to working with our cross campus partners to support students in their academic paths. 

Opportunities for Faculty:

  • Faculty Information Session- Week 4: Monday, October 9th from 3-4:30pm

Please join TRiO for a zoom faculty information session during week 4.   This is an opportunity for faculty to connect with TRiO staff, learn more about the ways TRiO supports our students, and ask questions.

  • Classroom Visits:

TRiO is happy to visit your virtual classroom and talk with students about our program.   If you are interested in having TRiO visit your class, please email

Opportunities for Staff:

  • Staff Meeting Visits:

TRiO staff will be reaching out to various offices to visit and talk with your working groups about our services and model.  If you would like one of our staff to come to a staff meeting, please don’t hesitate to email and a representative from TRiO is happy to meet with your team.

Contact us:

Please feel free to reach out if questions arise.  Please email

Our current staff:

Emily Pieper- Director of TRiO Student Succes and Academic Specialist

Wes McIntosh- Academic Specialist

Stacia Pomerenk- Academic Specialist

Richelle Enriquez- Program Coordinator

Looking forward to future collaboration,

Emily Pieper, MPA

Director of TRiO Student Success

The Evergreen State College

Olympia, WA

Google Voice #: 360.358.3421


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