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Oyster case study website access– fixed!

Hi Terroirists,

I think that the website access for your Oyster Case studies has been updated.  In theory, if you changed group numbers, then you now have access to the new group number case study.  In order for this to occur, I had to “invite” you to your new group– in which case you will have an email asking you to confirm this.  Please let me know if at this point you cannot access your new/correct group case study site.  If you did not change group numbers, you likely did not get an email asking for confirmation.

To be clear, you should still have access to your Tea website from earlier in the quarter to update and complete as needed.


Please let me know if there any difficulties, and sorry it took me so long to figure this out and make it work.


See you tomorrow at the Artist Lecture series (required) and hope you have a productive week!




Terroir website updates

Hi Terroirists,

Please note that the Winter Week 8 of the website has been updated to include a guide– Read it– and general details of the week (icluding details of the still-required Art Lecture Series).  The guide has important information regarding components to work during work Week 8 and details regarding due dates over the rest of the quarter.

Importantly, we have posted details of the new Chocolate + _____ Terroir pairing assignment, discussed in class and in the guide, under Program Documents.

Thank you!

Oyster website– Access issues will be fixed Monday

Hi Terroir students,

Group number were  identified  and posted under announcements– so you know which group you are in.  Unfortunately I am having trouble giving access to specific Oyster websites to specific groups.  I will look into this on Monday with help from Computer Staff.  In the mean time, please view the assignment components in the Oyster Assignment file under program documents and, and start working on the components using a word processing program, or maybe start working on the movie component of the assignment.  I will email the class once I have completed updating access for each Oyster website.

Thank you! 

NEW Case study groups

Hi Folks,

Here are your group numbers for the rest of the quarter.  I believe that these line up with what I was told– please email me (Abir, biswasa@) if you have any questions.

Cummins        1

DeLao             1

Nord               1

Caicedo           2

Sierant            2

Urman                        2

Young             2

Dunn-Wilder 3

Kirchoff          3

Larson                        3

Moore             4

Plenty Wolf    4

Siongco           4

Burghardi      5

Hayhoe           5

Sloan               5

Wegner          5

Cavanaugh     6

Jordan                        6

Mcgrath          6

Tuttle              6

Gruett             7

Holtrop           7

Lattery            7

App                 8

Feighery         8

Freeman         8

Weaver           8

Carouso          9

Garcia                         9

Mousseau       9

Snody             9

Cranmer         10

Landrieu Murphy     10

Tuchel                        10

Threatt           10

Carlton           11

Hantula          11

Tippy              11

Kahn               12

Lane                12

Needham       12

Allen               13

Lindgren        13

Moffett           13

Su                    13

Antonio           14

Dillon              14

Van Dyck        14

Welch             14

Knuckey         15

Taylor             15

Hammond      16

Saunders        16

Wei                 16

Zion                 16

Day     not doing case study/videos

Payne    not doing case study/videos



Student groups for rest of the quarter– please read

Hi Terroirists,

As many of you know from yesterday (Thursday) we wanted to let you switch around Case Study groups if you wanted to– which several folks who were present on Thursday started doing.  In case you missed class on Thursday, you can of course switch groups around as well– with the idea of setting the groups by Week 7 Tuesday (2/16) as you all get working on your Oyster websites.  To be clear, this will be your group for the rest of the quarter starting with the Oyster websites.  In particular if you were absent, we would encourage you to be in contact with classmates to produce a group for next week.  We would ask 3-person groups to consider adding a 4th member (maybe during class next Tuesday), to facilitate group formation for all students.

So a reminder: Please make sure your group includes 3 or 4 students.  We would encourage you to consider including students from Fall and Winter. Please make sure to be welcoming to students (in general) and please make sure that your past and current group members are aware if you are planning on switching groups.  We noticed that scheduling was particularly difficult for some groups, so please make sure to all be on the same page regarding how you will be working together to produce websites and movies over the rest of the quarter.


Have a great weekend!

Abir (for Terroir faculty)

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 3.12.21 PM

Readings (for field trip)– but also for anyone interested

Hi Terroirists,

Here are some readings particularly related to the Week 3-4 field trip, but potentially of interest to other members of the Terroir program. 

I will be bringing copies of the following readings on the field trip for students traveling (there will be 2 copies for each van!)– and anyone staying on campus is welcome to read them as well.  They cover topics related to where we will be driving (Sierras), studies of potential effects of climate change on California, and agriculture in particular, as well as concerns about water and water quality in the Central Valley of California.

Sierra Nevadas

Read this: http://geomaps.wr.usgs.gov/parks/province/pacifmt.html

Read this: http://www.sfgate.com/science/article/Sierra-Nevada-mountains-still-reaching-for-the-sky-3541355.php

Effects of Climate change

Read this: http://giannini.ucop.edu/media/are-update/files/issues/V18N1.pdf

Read this:  NCA3_Full_Report_06_Agriculture_LowRes

Additional readings:



Groundwater in California


San Joaquin Valey ( California) water


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Attendance and lateness

Hi Winter Terroir students,

As we proceed through week 2, we can’t help but notice that some of you have been struggling with late attendance, or attendance altogther, and we just wanted to remind you of an important passage from the Terroir covenant (posted under Program Docs on our program wordpress site)

The following is directly from the covenant, and note that you have acknowledged the covenant by continuing in the Terroir program:

4.  Participate fully and faithfully in all program activities.  Attend – and arrive on time for – all scheduled program activities.  Students agree to notify faculty of expected absences from the program, but students must recognize that there are no “excused absences.” Please note that tests are program activities that are very difficult or impossible to reschedule and missing tests without contacting faculty can result in the loss of credit. There are times when one might not be able to attend program activities.  You should tell your seminar faculty when you can not attend (email or voicemail are available 24/7), but the faculty do not want to be forced to judge the adequacy or legitimacy of “excuses.” Two or more missed classes or assignments for any program component can result in the loss of credit.

We are trying to emphasize our goal of treating each other well, and recognize that arriving late is disruptive and disrespectful of others that are trying to learn. With this in mind, and given the requirement of timeliness for program activities that are very difficult or impossible to recreate, the attendance sheet will be circulated from the EXACT start of class until 10 minutes into class.  After that the attendance will be recorded.  Hopefully this will restate our commitment to participating in complete program activities, let alone being present for the crucial directions at the start of workshops.

Please note that the program components for this quarter are very compressed given the extended field trip and in-program field studies.  For example, after today, there will no longer be video workshops offered and a student missing both is unlikely to have earned the associated credit.

We hope you are healthy and doing well, and please notify all faculty if you are missing class for any reason.

Thank you,
Abir and Sarah and Steve

Students Not on CA Field Trip: Required Activities



Film Seminar 9:30-11  Sem2 E3109

Week 3 Anthropocene Lecture Series 11:15-12:45 COM Bldg  https://sites.evergreen.edu/anthropocene/syllabus/

The Role of the Sun in Climate Change, EJ Zita

Reading: Living with a Variable Sun

Week 4  Art Lecture Series 11:30-1  COM Bldg  http://blogs.evergreen.edu/artistlectureseries/

Prison Libraries/Prison Art. Laura Sherbo on libraries and prisons focused on the first amendment and Pat Graney, Seattle based choreographer, on art/performance in prisons and its impact on the incarcerated.


Independent Field Study Consultations 10-12  Sem2 E3109  (This is a good time to check in regarding weeks 3 and 4 as well as full quarter Field Study projects.)

Note:  Students not participating in the CA field trip must document the appropriate number of independent field study hours and activities with text and pictures on their individual TESC blogs linked to our Terroir program Sites webpage.  Be sure to attend the AM or PM Video Workshop week 2 and to connect with continuing students to set up and link your individual blog.

Please email Sarah (williasa@evergreen.edu) if you will not be participating in campus program activities weeks 3 and 4 (and are not on CA field trip).

Monitor the Terroir Program Sites website for details and updates!

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