Winter Eval Week

End-of-the-quarter due dates:

  • Portfolios due 3 pm Friday, March 11th to SEM 1 3166 (Riley’s temporary office is in the same wing as Parking Services in SEM 1). See Portfolio Guidelines. The Chem Lab notebook may be submitted with the Formal Lab Report. 
  • Formal Lab Report due 10 am Monday, March 14th to the box outside SEM 1 3166. For questions regarding your lab report, drop in or schedule time in SEM 1 3166 from noon – 5 pm on Friday, March 11.
  • Self-Evaluations are due 10 am Tuesday, March 15th. You may turn in your self eval by saving it online at
  • All students should complete an Evaluation of Faculty for Riley before your eval conference. Any students leaving the program should also complete an evaluation of Neil. You may submit the Evaluation of Faculty online at


  • Wednesday and Thursday in Lab 1 1040. Sign up here