Spring Eval Week

Eval conference sign-up is here.

  • Please sign up for Eval Conferences (Tue and Wed/Thur this week)
    • Sign up for one slot. PLEASE DO NOT sign up for more than one slot!
    • If you will be in PSAM, it may make particular sense to choose a slot with Krishna, Tuesday in 2238 Lab II.
    • If you choose a slot with Krishna and would also like to talk with Neil, please wait until Neil sends out an email indicating everyone’s signed up, then feel free to sign up for one of his remaining slots.
    • Neil’s conferences are Wed, Thurs in in 2238 Lab II.
  • Bring to the eval conference: two printed-out copies of your self-eval.
  • Submit online, BEFORE your conference, your faculty evals of Neil, Krishna, and Riley. Please click the button that sets them so we cannot see them until after we have submitted your evals.