Week 20

Seminar: On Chaos (finish book). 2 pm Tuesday COM 308. Due to being sandwiched between exams, our seminar in week 10 will be necessarily low-key. You are not required to bring anything in writing, but it is encouraged to support a productive conversation. You may want to revisit our seminar topics from week 6 here. On pages 305-307, Gleick lists several different definitions of chaos. Which one do you agree with most? What is your definition of chaos?




Week 19 Problem Set solutions available here

FINAL EXAM Tuesday 9:30 AM in COM 308.

The exam will be the national standardized general chemistry exam produced by the American Chemical Society (ACS). There will be 70 multiple choice questions covering topics from both fall and winter quarters with an allotted time of 110 minutes. IMPORTANT EXAM RULES you should be aware of: (1) No phones can be accessible during your exam – please turn your phone off and place it in your bag prior to entering the exam room. (2) No exam materials, including scratch paper, can leave the exam room. All scratch paper must be returned to the faculty at the end of the exam. (3) You may not leave the exam room after the start until you have turned in your exam.


  • ACS-style practice exam for General Chemistry 1 can be found here
  • ACS-style practice exam for General Chemistry 2 can be found here
  • Answers to both practice exams can be found here. ***Don’t hesitate to ask (email) if you have questions. I will also be there at least 1 hr early tomorrow***
  • On closed reserve (see the front desk) in the library for Matter and Motion you will find a review book for all subjects titled “Preparing for Your ACS Examination in General Chemistry: The Official Guide” by Eubanks and Eubanks. Use this resource! It has many example problems of the type you are likely to see on your final exam.
  • Blank copies of all past quizzes and exams can be found here
  • Learning objectives from Fall 2015 are here and from Winter 2016 here