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  • (updated 9/10 to add Comments. Please feel free to use the Comments below to share your strategies/suggestions for legitimately obtaining the texts at good prices)
  • (updated 9/16 to note that if you have the 2nd edition of the chemistry text already, you shouldn’t get the 1st edition. You should talk with the faculty, however)

Technical textbooks are expensive, and since this program integrates calculus, chemistry, and physics, the total cost of the texts for three technical subjects will at first glance seem dismaying. Please don’t panic. As most of you plan to be math and science students, these books will serve as valuable resources for the rest of your careers. We’ll use the chemistry book in fall and winter, and the calculus and physics books in fall, winter, and spring. So even though it is a steep up-front cost, it’s less overwhelming if you consider that these are your book costs for the entire year, and even less overwhelming if you think of this is an investment in the reference textbook library you will use for many years. That said, we offer some alternatives that you may consider.

Texts may be available in the college bookstore or can be purchased on your own. You can work with the bookstore to get a voucher to pay for textbooks at the store in case your financial aid money is not available by the first day of class.

  • Chemistry: Chemistry, An Atoms First Approach (Zumdahl 2010, 1st edition), ISBN-10: 0840065329, ISBN-13: 9780840065322
    • There is a more recent 2nd edition, but we ask you to get the 1st edition. update: if you have the 2nd edition from a previous class, don’t get the 1st edition; however, do check in with the faculty
    • You need not get any of the associated ancillary material – just the textbook is fine.
    • A used version is fine.
    • If you plan to rent the book, note that we use it until the end of winter quarter, March 18 2016. (see note below on rentals)
    • An electronic version (eTextbook) of this text is acceptable. (see note below on electronic textbooks)
  • Calculus: Calculus: Single and Multivariable, 6th Edition plus WileyPLUS Registration Card (Hughes-Hallet 2013, 6th edition), ISBN-10: 1118562402, ISBN-13: 9781118562406
    • In addition to the textbook, you must also get access to the online system WileyPLUS (the ISBNs provided get you both the hardcover text and WileyPlus access). WileyPLUS give you access to an online homework system that we may use to submit homework, an eText version of the book, access to the student’s solutions manual, plus many ancillary materials that support and supplement your study of calculus.
    • There is a loose-leaf (binder-ready) version with WileyPLUS access that is acceptable (ISBNs 1118566564 or 9781118566565).
    • If you plan to rent the book, you must make sure to also purchase WileyPLUS access (such access is not typically part of a rental). (see note below on rentals)
    • You can purchase just WileyPLUS digital access, which gets you access to WileyPLUS plus the electronic version of the interactive textbook. (see note below on electronic versions)
  • Physics: Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics, 3rd edition plus Student Workbook plus MasteringPhysics with eText – Access Card Package (Knight 2013, 3rd edition), ISBN-10: 0321844351, ISBN-13: 9780321844354
  • Make sure to get the textbook and the student workbook and access to the online homework and tutorial system MasteringPhysics (the ISBNs provided above get you the hardcover text, the student workbook, and MasteringPhysics access).
  • There is a loose-leaf (“Books a La Carte”) version with MasteringPhysics textbook which would be acceptable – this doesn’t seem to include the Student Workbook (ISBNs for Student Workbook are 0321753089 or 9780321753083).
  • You can purchase just MasteringPhysics with Pearson eText – Instant Access, which gets you MasteringPhysics access and access to an electronic version of the text. You would need to get the Student Workbook separately. (see note below on electronic versions)

Notes on rentals and electronic textbooks:

  • Both rentals and electronic textbooks save you up-front money (good!). However, you don’t get to keep the books (not good). If you do go for rental or electronic version of the text, I highly encourage you to buy used versions of the texts at the end of the year so that you do have your own version to keep permanently (and these versions will match your class notes, homework solutions, etc.).
  • In the case of calculus text, a rental may not get you access to WileyPLUS, and for physics, a rental may not get you access to a Student Workbook or MasteringPhysics, so be aware.
  • Electronic versions of any of the texts are acceptable but you should make sure in advance that you find this format compatible with your learning (many people find that electronic versions of technical textbooks in particular interfere with their learning). 

Stay tuned for info about calculators, lab notebooks, etc.

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