SURF Proposals now open, and more!

Dear Evergreen Faculty,

As Fall quarter draws to a close, summer may appear a distant dream. Yet the time to contemplate the coming summer is upon you!  

I invite you to think warm thoughts of how you might spend next summer engaged in research with a student as a participant in the Student Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) program, as SURF begins its second decade of connecting students and faculty in research projects. Faculty in any discipline are welcome to submit proposals, and adjunct faculty with contracts to teach in 2023-2024 are eligible in addition to those on regular faculty appointments.

Proposals are due 5 PM Monday of Winter Week 4 (January 30, 2023). The application form, including links to further information, is now open.

In addition to SURF, I’d like to draw your further attention to two academic grant opportunities available to your students. The first is the Student Capstone Fund, which provides financial support for capstone project materials. Applications are open for winter until January 27. Reimbursement for materials is up to $350. Your student must be enrolled for at least 4 credits to be eligible for the capstone fund.

The second is the Student Travel Fund for Conference Presentations, which supports students traveling to present their academic work at a conference or a professional meeting. Students can be reimbursed up to $250 on travel expenses. Requests must be received at at least two weeks before the travel date.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding your potential SURF proposal. Thanks!

John Caraher

Interim Associate Dean for Faculty Development

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