FALL 2022 Week 1 Resources & Reminders

Dear Colleagues:  

Welcome to Fall 2022!! We look forward to seeing your faces here and there on campus as we make our way back to more in-person work. We are grateful for your summer work in a range of institutes, and we hope you have found some new tools to help you prepare your syllabi and your programs. Time to dig in to fall! Please read this set of reminders with care. 


Covid Policy for Syllabi: For the sake of clarifying and consistency, please include this covid policy language in your syllabus, community agreement and/or canvas site. As a reminder, if any of you are ill, please do not come to campus. Please inform your teaching partner and/or Deans, and we will support you.  

From the Greener Bookstore: The Greener Bookstore wants to extend a great big WELCOME to everyone returning to campus for the 2022-23 school year. We are working with a smaller crew this year so please be patient. If your textbook orders are late, please submit them to the textbook order form found in your my.evergreen.edu .  Please communicate all textbook questions, requests, and concerns to textbooks@evergreen.edu. If you are requiring art supplies, please contact bsartsupplies@evergreen.edu for all supplies questions (and for future quarters, planning a student fee for an art supply kit can save students a lot of money). 

If you plan to use open resource books, you still need to let us know what the books are.  We must post all textbooks online one month before fall quarter starts. 

The Greener Bookstore will be open 8am – 4pm Monday through Thursday. 

Syllabi and Canvas support tools. As you wrap up your syllabi and Canvas site, please use the wonderful guidelines offered in the Syllabus Skeleton and in the document, Welcoming Students to Inclusive Learning Spaces.  Here you will find guidelines for inclusive approaches to names and pronouns, ways to welcome and support students with a range of access needs, and so much more. A longer list of teaching guides is also available through the Learning and Teaching Commons.  Additionally, the Canvas template already contains so many of the policy links and statements that students need to get oriented. Bridget Irish has offered direct support on: Canvas (+ Zoom, Microsoft 365, Hypothes.is); new curricular template for Canvas; WordPress; student portfolios using WordPress; communicating with students; creating community online. Reach out to Bridget directly or through https://help.evergreen.edu

Registration Tracking Forms: Be sure to return your Week 1 tracking forms (accessible from the Faculty section of my.evergreen.edu under “Class Lists and Evaluations”) to the Registrar’s office by the end of week one, Friday, September 30th. Knowing which students listed are not attending your program or course is very important for those students’ future interactions with Registration and Financial Aid. An oversight at this early stage might mean entering a [false] “no credit” for those students later, which can have major consequences for them.   

Adding/Dropping: If students are adding your program or course be sure they have completed the necessary paperwork through the Registrar’s Office. The deadline for adding or dropping a program or adjusting credits is September 30th for a 100% refund; October 7th is last date to drop without it counting toward attempted credits for Financial Aid; October 24th is last date to drop with 50% refund. Please be sure to help students with their settling in and communicate clearly with Registration and Records about who lands where, and whether students are in or out of your programs (including anyone you are not sure about!).  

Submitting Syllabi and Community Agreements: The deadline for submitting your Fall quarter syllabus and agreement is October 7th. If you have not done so already, please send your fall syllabus and community agreement to us using the convenient Submit Syllabus and Community Agreement link from the Faculty section of your my.evergreen.edu page. Turning in your syllabus will help us support students, meet our accreditation standards, and better understand the overall state of syllabi and community agreements across the college. 


The CARE Team: The CARE Team looks to colleagues across the college–and especially faculty–to orient students to the resources available at Evergreen. They encourage you to be familiar with services and make direct referrals to students for whom you are concerned. Making a referral online to the CARE Team will ensure that any additional actions offered by the CARE Team will occur. The CARE Team can guide you in making those referrals. Please contact the CARE Team at care@evergreen.edu for questions or information. The Team is here to partner with you on addressing your concerns.  

Faculty Professional Travel: Whether for in-person conferences, or registration for virtual events, please remember that all professional travel needs to be applied for at least three weeks in advance through the online form. We do not offer reimbursements after the fact.  

Faculty Grants: This year, we will be offering Sponsored Research Grants to faculty. Sponsored Research Grant Applications are due October 27, 2022 by 5:00pm (No late applications accepted).  

Academic Statements: Fall is the season when full-time programs include at least 6 hours of in-program work on the Academic Statement or in advising students through their time at Evergreen. Half-time programs should include at least three hours during the quarter. Consider a weekly shared reflection on the learning and/or using the academic statement as an occasion for one-on-one conversations about students’ needs, hopes, and academic direction. You can find writing prompts and other helpful student-facing information at https://www.evergreen.edu/academicstatement/annual-statement and https://www.evergreen.edu/academicstatement/final-statement.    

Five-year Reviews: Just a reminder that five-year reviews of faculty on continuing contract are back on schedule; our Covid-related deferment phase is over and we look forward to many rich collegial conversations this year.  These one-hour reviews have already been scheduled and communicated to folks who are up for review this year; if that’s you, please check through your summer email for details.  For scheduling questions please contact the Faculty Hiring Coordinator, Karla Altenburg-Caldwell (altenbuk@evergreen.edu).

Contacting Advising: In support of our colleagues in Academic and Career Advising we’d like to remind folks that the Advising contact email address is advising@evergreen.edu.  Please use this address (and not Advising’s Distribution List) when you want to reach an Academic or Career Advisor.  Other communication options students may wish to use can be found on the Advising website at: https://www.evergreen.edu/advising/contact-advisor.   

Student Capstone Funds: Funds are available to undergraduate and graduate students to be reimbursed for materials related to carrying out a capstone project.  Awards are typically between $250 to $350. Student applicants must have a faculty sponsor.  Fall applications are open. Winter and spring submissions can also be turned in early. Deadline for fall capstones is October 14th, 2022 at 5:00 PM. 

The Academic Deans | 360.867.6810 

Rachel Hastings | Steff Beck | Marcia Tate-Arunga | Kevin Francis | Greg Mullins | Lori Blewett | Abir Biswas | John Caraher | Kristina Ackley  

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