Recast | Exact Times for Fall 21 Schedules: Due June 10

From: “Speller, Trevor” <>
Date: Friday, June 4, 2021 at 12:17 PM

Dear faculty friends and colleagues – 

We’re at the last step of our Fall 2021 scheduling work! We’re asking all faculty to enter your exact schedule for your Fall ‘21 offering(s) by June 10, 2021.

As you know, Schedule Footprints were published for Olympia undergraduate offerings some weeks ago. What’s new? Now the assigned in-person blocks for most offerings, with room assignments, are visible to faculty in Schedule Evergreen. (Some lab and studio assignments are delayed due to recent personnel changes in those areas.)  

Now that in-person blocks have been assigned to your offering, you can build your full schedule via this webform. The Scheduling Team will then update Schedule Evergreen for you, with a goal of having them publishing by July 30, as per attached timeline.

Important reminders: 

  •  Your offering’s exact schedule must fit within the already-published Schedule Footprint for your offering as it appears in Schedule Evergreen
  • Offerings cannot require in-person work and synchronous remote work on the same day. 
  •  Asynchronous work does not need to be entered into the scheduling system. 

It is still true that state, federal, and institutional safety guidelines are changing by the day, and we will be working to adjust and adapt our level of in-person activity as appropriate. However, we will need to stick to the exact schedules we publish in the coming weeks, even if our ratio of in-person to remote work changes. 

Again, your exact schedules for Fall 2021 are due, via the webform, by June 10. We know that this request comes at a busy time of the quarter; we’re hopeful that this final step of your fall scheduling work will be straightforward, given the work you’ve already done to plan your fall programs and courses. 

With warm wishes for a successful end of the quarter,  

Trevor, on behalf of the Scheduling Team

Susan Keefe, Tricia Bateman, and Brian Walter

Trevor Speller, PhD –- he/him 

Interim Vice-Provost

Zoom ID: 886-621-3404

Library 2013 – 360-867-6063

The Evergreen State College 
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW – Olympia, WA 98505

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