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From: Evergreen President’s Office <>
Date: Monday, May 3, 2021 at 3:10 PM

Dear Staff and Faculty,

Evergreen established the position of Vice President for Indigenous Arts and Education in 2018 for the purpose of elevating and strengthening the college’s work with NW tribal communities and our Longhouse programs dedicated to advancing Native arts and artists.

With Tina Kuckkahn-Miller’s recent departure and significant support just passed in the Legislature, strengthening our work in tribal relations, we have modified the position to concentrate the VP’s responsibilities more directly on expanding and improving the college’s relationships with all NW tribes.

Retaining the title of VP for the position is essential. The terms of the 1999 Centennial Accord between our state and tribal communities call for government-to-government collaborations. Given our relationships with tribes, the person in this position will be responsible for nurturing relationships and communicating the institutional interests of the college to tribal leaders. Also, the philanthropic foundations supporting this position, the Longhouse, and tribal artists, expect oversight by a member of senior leadership. Designating the position as a VP conveys Evergreen’s abiding commitment to our work and relationships with tribes in advancing the college’s mission and strategic plans. 

In consultation with the trustees, I’ve decided to seek an interim leader for the position, thereby giving the next president latitude in appointing the permanent leader of this work. Once appointed, the next president will be consulted on the search and involved in the decision to select and appoint the interim VP.

The posting can be found here:

A committee has been established to lead the search in the weeks ahead. Its members include:

Barbara Smith (Co-chair)

Laura VerMeulen (Co-chair)

Amber De Villers

Zoltan Grossman

John McLain

Jeremy Mohn

Marcia Mueller

Yvonne Peterson

Toby Sawyer

The search committee will begin reviewing applications in the third week of May, with open forums being held with finalists soon thereafter for candidates to interact with campus community members. Feedback from all will be considered in the appointment decision.



George S. Bridges


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