Recast | Update: Paths Implementation at Evergreen

From: “Betz, Amy” <>
Date: Friday, April 2, 2021 at 3:52 PM

Hello everyone, 

As a part of the New Directions work of the college, we are implementing Paths offered in the Olympia Undergraduate curriculum. The goals of this project are to integrate all aspects of academic, student support and co-curricular events and activities into Path planning and support infrastructures for students.   

Project Update Below Includes: 

  •  First Stage of Implementation  
  • New Information Available about Fields of Study and Paths 
  • Path Advising Overview Sessions Available 

First Stage of implementation 

We set out to clarify the definition of Paths for the student, to identify how we will support students in Path planning and learning through a student journey at Evergreen, and to create an initial engagement with students on their learning plans associated with fields of study and Path options.  This work includes:   

  • Build definitions for paths and fields of study.  
  • Determine curriculum structure model: subjects > fields of study > Paths.   
  • Develop student journey maps, within current support structures illustrating the support students will receive from inquiry to graduation.  
  • Creating a clear and simple advising guide for staff and faculty for Stage I.   
  • Updating the curriculum database and Banner with new fields for the catalog and student profile to associate new fields of study and Paths.   
  • Initial catalog update – with Paths and fields of study associated with offerings.  
  • Updating initial Path pages for recruitment, including providing offering level within the Path – to attract prospective students.   
  • Updating Field of Study Pages for recruitment – clarifying what we offer to prospective students.  
  • Engaging new and current students to identify the field(s) of study they are interested in and identifying the possible Paths they can follow to help them learn those fields in depth.  

TODAY: New Information Available about Fields of Study and Paths 

  • Evergreen Webpages 
    • Each of the 11 Path pages have been updated with: 
      • This Path can prepare for careers in” section 
      • “Graduate opportunities beyond this path” section 
      • Faculty association to Path 
      • The path 21-22 offerings by level (we plan to add back “23-25 Future Offerings” over spring quarter) 
  • Updates to Catalog 
    • Path association to individual offerings 
    • Filter on Path and Field of Study  
    • New Fields of Study associated with 21-22 curriculum 
    • Online, Hybrid, In Person icons in filter, list and individual offering page views – increasing use and visibility! 
  • Update to Faculty Directory 
    • Faculty association to Paths on individual faculty pages  
  • Advising and Support  
    • A new Path Advising Guide for Faculty and Staff is now available at the Learning and Teaching Commons webpage, under Guides and Resources – (The guide is located in the Teaching at Evergreen Canvas Shell. Be sure to follow instructions if you are not currently a member of the Teaching at Evergreen Canvas shell – CAS Login Required) that includes:  
      • Definitions of Fields of Study, Paths and Levels 
      • Field of Study and Path Relationship Tables 
      • Explanation of how students can engage with Path options at Evergreen 
      • Visual of Students Journey using Fields of Study and Paths 
      • Explanation of how Evergreen integrates Fields of Study and Paths in the student’s experience through a Student Journey Map 
      • Path and Faculty Leadership 
      • Career and Academic Advising Contacts 
      • Degree Planner for Students Use for Planning 
    • A new editable Degree Planner is available at Academic & Career Advising’s “Make A Plan” webpage is updated with an editable Degree Planner for students to plan their journey –
  • Updates to 
    • Students can now edit their fields of study and path options using the Academic Progress link from their Student Menu
  • Email Communications 
    • Starting next week, an email will be going out to three student audiences inviting them to let us know of their academic plans, providing them the directions to edit their fields of study and path options in their Academic Progress. 
      • Current Student Email: Will be sent Wednesday, April 7, 2021 from David McAvity, Interim Provost and Vice President for Student & Academic Life  
      • First Year and Transfer Student Emails: Will start being sent Thursday, April 8, 2021 from Allen Thompson, Director of Career & Academic Advising 
  • Student Questions  

Learn More: Path Advising Overview Sessions 

Upcoming Path Advising Overview Sessions will start Week 3 (each session will cover same content):  

  • Wednesday, April 14, 4-5 pm 
  • Friday, April 16, 9-10 am 
  • Monday, April 19, 2-3 pm 
  • Tuesday, April 20, 12-1 pm

These sessions will go into detail about the updated systems and resources available to you to support students in understanding their learning options in the Olympia Undergraduate curriculum. 

What’s Next 
This project continues through Fall 2021. Our work will continue to integrate Paths into the work of the college. 

This is our first big step in providing clarity to our students about Path options in the Olympia Undergraduate curriculum.  Our catalog, webpages and systems will be in constant change over this time.  Expect to see many more content and system changes coming over Spring and Summer quarters. With any new system changes, we may experience some issues with format or functionality. You can help us by being patient and letting us know your experience. If you experience any issues or have questions about the above Path webpages, resources, and systems please contact me at  

On behalf of the Paths Implementation Team, 

Amy Betz 

amy betz |Director of Academic Initiative Integration and Support  

The Evergreen State College | 360.867.5870 

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