Recast | Presidential Search Updates: What’s Next?

From: “Beattie, Andrew” <>
Date: Monday, April 26, 2021 at 12:21 PM

Update: Feedback due tomorrow at 9am.

Dear Evergreen community, 

Provided below are updates on the presidential search process.

Virtual Sessions Recap

Thank you to everyone who contributed to several successful community sessions with candidates last week. A special thank you to Susan Harris, Ivana Trottman, Correan Barker, Dawn Barron, Melinda Bratsch-Horsager and GSU, John Caraher, Julie Slone, George Bridges, Ben Hargett, Electronic Media, Media Services, the web team, social media team and so many others for helping offer engaging and informative sessions. Students, staff, faculty, and alumni all contributed in many helpful ways. We hope our media teams and hosts were able to find some rest over the weekend. For those of you who attended and helped facilitate a successful Art of Giving event on Saturday, may we lift you up this week, help you find times for break and recuperation, and celebrate you!

Evaluation of Candidates: Feedback Due Tuesday at 9:00am

The candidate feedback form is now available online. Please submit one entry for each candidate following your participation in virtual sessions or search committee interviews, and review of introductory videos, bios, or application materials. Submissions are due on Tuesday, April 27 (tomorrow) at 9:00am.

What’s Next?

Our final candidates have been offered to tour the Olympia and Tacoma campus locations this week, with COVID-safety precautions. Later this week, the Board of Trustees will begin deliberations. Search advisory committee session notes, advisory final report, presidential prospectus, search committee interviews, BOT interviews, virtual sessions, and community feedback will all be available to help inform the board’s consideration on selection and hire. The board is also scheduled to meet next Wednesday, May 5. An announcement could potentially be shared sometime within this timeframe. A email update, press release, and web updates will immediately follow an announcement by the board.

E-mail Contacts

For confidential inquiries, please contact: 

·         Dennis 867-1410 

·         Marissa 867-1410  

For general inquiries, opportunities to participate in the search process, or to receive regular updates, please contact:  

·         Andrew Beattie, Special Assistant to the Presidential Search, 

·         Susan Harris, Executive Associate to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees,  

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