Recast | Canvas Discussion: Olympia Undergraduate College

From: “Caraher, John” <>
Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 9:52 PM

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Some of you might wish to engage in asynchronous discussion of the Olympia Undergraduate College proposal. I received a suggestion last week that we offer a discussion forum on AC Faculty Portal Canvas site (open to all voting faculty) to facilitate this, and I have just created an Olympia Undergraduate College Canvas discussion for this purpose.

You may also share your thoughts via the feedback document used in that meeting (accessible through the Week 6 Faculty Meeting module). The Canvas discussion is a bit of an experiment and the Agenda Committee will be watching to see how much activity there is and who is participating.

In our meeting today, the Agenda Committee also decided that Week 10 is better timing for a possible vote than Week 8, so there is ample time to consider and discuss the proposal before voting.


John Caraher

Member of the Faculty (Physics)

Faculty Chair, 2019-2021

The Evergreen State College

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