RECAST | Winter quarter financial aid

From: Pedersen, Eric <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 11:11 AM

I wanted to let staff know that Winter Quarter financial aid was disbursed on-time today, sometimes this becomes a sensitive issue for our students. If you are not familiar with it, what this means is that funds are moved from the financial aid office to the student accounts. Staff, there will now begin the process of posting funds to individual student accounts and generating refunds.  Student Accounts will complete the refund process on the 31st. Checks will go into the mail system and electronic deposits transmitted that day.  We cannot predict postal service or bank processing times, our best estimate of when funds might arrive in a student’s bank account or mailbox is January 2nd or later.

If you encounter any student that needs a little help to bridge the time between now and receiving their refund please have them contact the financial aid office via and ask about the College’s emergency loan and grant programs.

Happy New Year.

Eric R. Pedersen

Chief Enrollment Officer

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