Recast | Celebration of Lunar New Year of Ox/Cow/Bull/Buffalo/Bison, Feb. 4-12, 2021

From: “Diamant, Hirsh” <>
Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 12:55 PM

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

You and your students are invited to participate on Zoom in the Evergreen Lunar New Year 2021 seminar, workshops, and celebration of Ox/Cow/Bull/Buffalo/Bison from February 4 to February 12, 2021.

Members of Evergreen community can attend for free.

The Zoom link to all sessions is at:


The workshops in tea appreciation, cooking, and calligraphy require advanced purchase of specific supplies

To see the lists of supplies, go to:

Attached is the LNY poster and schedule.

Friends and guests can attend for $10.

On behalf of the LNY planning group,

With best wishes for the coming Lunar New Year!


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