RECAST | Fall Schedule Updating for Remote/Hybrid: Schedule Evergreen Instructions

From: Academic Deans <>
Date: May 22, 2020, 3:42 PM -0700

Hello Fall Faculty,

big thank you to all of you for turning in your fall turnaround forms! We are working hard to get all those updates into the online catalog before Academic Fair next Wednesday.

As was hinted to in the form you filled out one of the next steps is to update your fall schedule in Schedule Evergreen. We need each schedule to reflect only the synchronous meeting times. Please do this as soon as you have settled on a schedule. If you know now, please get it done so students know before registration starts on June 1. (We know this isn’t going to be the case for everyone, but please do it as soon as you have decided.)

For every course or program you are teaching in fall (If you indicated FULLY REMOTE or HYBRID):

 • You need to visit schedule evergreen and update your meeting times and space request to reflect your planned synchronous online activities. There are step by step instructions below, and if you encounter any issues, you can email for support and assistance.

 • You will need to delete any scheduled activities you don’t need anymore.

 • We are asking that you keep your synchronous times within the hours that your program and course had in-person activities scheduled. 

 • For example: You were a program with seminars, lectures, and labs that happened on Mon, Tue, Thu and spanned the hours of 9am-3pm. Please schedule your synchronous meeting times for any of those same hours.

 • This will help students who are still schedule bound in some way be able to take programs or courses they were planning on for schedule reasons. Please try your hardest to make this work.

For those who indicated HYBRID (if conditions allow) in the fall:

 • Make sure to follow the instructions in the paragraph above (just in case you skipped over it!)

 • Additional directions will come regarding the in-person components. For most of you this will include working with area managers to assess safety requirements and needed spaces to meet distancing requirements.

 • If you already have lab, studio, or other specialized spaces reserved you are still hoping to use don’t delete those activities.

Step-by-Step Schedule Evergreen Directions:

 1. Go to

 2. Select Schedule Evergreen from the Faculty menu

 3. Click on the book icon on the left of the screen

 4. You should now see the titles of your upcoming courses and programs

 5. Click on your fall quarter title

 6. You should see a list of your scheduled activities in front of you. The titles are links you can click

 7. Click the activity you need to edit. (Do not click Edit Event- this button doesn’t work for curriculum, just pretend it doesn’t exist because you will get frustrated).

 8. Click on the button that says View Activity 

 9. You should now see buttons that say Edit Activity and Edit Space Request. 

 a. If you need to change the hours or days of this activity, click edit activity and adjust appropriately. When you click save it should automatically take you to the edit space request screen (see next step)

 b. If the days/hours are fine, click the Edit Space Request button. The top option that displays will say Activity Type and provide a drop down menu. Chances are it currently says something like workshop or seminar. Click on this menu and scroll down to select Remote/Online. Click save.

 10. Repeat step 8 for any additional edits.

 11. If you don’t need the other activities you have listed, click on the title, and then select Cancel Activity.

 12. Repeat the whole process if you are teaching more than one course or program.

If you encounter any issues, reach out to Schedule Evergreen Support at Susan or Ian can help you out!

This is a complex world we are all planning in, and we recognize and thank you for all your hard work!

The Curriculum Team

Kathleen Eamon, Trevor Speller, Larry Geri, Tricia Bateman, and Chelsea Menshek

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