Recast | 22-23 curriculum development — Oly Undergrad

From: Williamson, Elizabeth <>
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2021 8:38 AM

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing to provide an update about the 22-23 curriculum development process for Olympia undergrad offerings. 

Given that we’re behind on our usual timeline, the CAT leaders have developed a transitional approach to curriculum planning that respects the work you have already done and moves us forward as thoughtfully as possible. 

Winter/Spring 2021

* CATL will use the path reports submitted in December as a proxy for program summaries and we will not ask faculty to submit separate program summaries.

* CAT Leaders will analyze those reports, identify programs which are clearly and directly Path related, and also identify FY and exploratory curriculum. 

* By the end of winter / beginning of spring the CATL, working with the curriculum team, will put together a targeted call for proposals for offerings to fill in the gaps identified via their analysis. I hope this targeted ask will also include specific requests for undergrad faculty to support the graduate programs and Tacoma, as appropriate.

* Curriculum deans will aim to issue a call for study abroad proposals by the end of February.

By May 14 

* For those offerings in Path Reports that are ready to go forward, we will ask faculty to submit catalog copy.

* For the remainder of the curriculum, faculty will be asked to respond to the call for proposals. 

Fall 2021

* We will aim to get 75% of offerings published by October 15, which means that many of you will be receiving requests for further information over the summer, though we will do our best to communicate as much information as possible between May 14 and Commencement.

Next steps

* If your path has not submitted a complete list of your proposed 22-23 offerings, now is the time to do that!

* Everyone else, please stay tuned for the targeted call for additional offerings. 



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