RECAST | Student Technology Needs eMail

The attached e-mail was sent to students on Monday, April 13, asking that they complete a survey related to their technology needs.  We are posting this message here so that faculty are aware.

Hello Greeners!  

Evergreen faculty and staff would like better to understand our students’ experience with technology tools for remote learning. Starting today, in your, you will see a link to a survey. The survey should take 5-15 minutes of your time, and closes on April 16. Your response can help us respond to challenges you may face.

If you have immediate questions or challenges with technology for remote learning, please submit a help ticket via

We also seek to improve the channels through which we can communicate with you. Later this week or early next week you will see on a request to add or update your cell phone number. We seek to expand the number of students whom we can reach via phone and text messages.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please contact

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