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Week 10 Resources and Reminders  

Fall 2020  

  • Academic Fair & Communication 
  • CARE & TAO 
  • ILCs/INTs 
  • Book orders & Availability 
  • Oral History Reminder 
  • Update Contact Info 

Solstice Greetings, Dear Colleagues!  

The descent into dark is almost over! We hope you are getting out during those daylight hours for some fresh air and birdsong. 

Academic Fair:  Thank you to all of you who created those conversational spaces for students for Academic Fair. Students report how valuable these sessions are for their deliberations and appreciate the faculty commitment. These conversations are critical for student decision-making about what to take and even whether to stay at the College.  

Continued Communication with Students: Students may be reassessing whether college in a remote environment is working for them. Clear routes for communication with faculty are very important right now, especially as students are registering for winter quarter and navigating their next steps. Please share clear time windows and ways students can reach you (in your syllabus, on your website, in Canvas, via email, announce during a zoom, etc). A bit of attentiveness over break periods can go a long way toward serving and retaining students. 

CARE Resources and Support: The CARE Team wants to remind our faculty colleagues to refer students who are experiencing distress via the Report of Community Concern Form.  A member of the CARE Team will reach out to students to offer support and resource information.  The ability to respond diminishes over breaks and holidays, so please refer prior to the end of the quarter. 

Student Wellness Services is closed over Winter Break, and wants to raise awareness about TAO- an online therapeutic resource available even when clinicians are not. 

TAO is a way all Evergreen’s students, staff and faculty can access 24/7 mental health tools and resources (such as The Mindfulness Library and Learning Modules). Just use your Evergreen email to create an account and browse the different resources it offers. Anyone who is interested in hearing more about how TAO can support our students, and applications for faculty to use, should please contact Jamyang Tsultrim. 

ILCs/INTs: ‘Tis the season for individual contract submission for Individual Learning Contracts and Internships. Please work with students to get these submitted in a timely way. The deadline for winter contracts is Friday of Week 10 (December 11).

Any in-person or on-campus individual learning should be clearly indicated on the activities section of the contract proposal. If a student will be learning on campus, the sponsor should be prepared to serve as a COVID supervisor, knowing that staff are likely not available to serve in this capacity. Off-campus internships must be remote, or the student must submit COVID waivers signed by field supervisors, so this can take some time. Prepare accordingly and be sure to coach students to follow this submission process through to its completion. They need to make a final approval of the contract once we approve it for it to be registered.

The Greener Bookstore and Copy Center: Be sure to submit your list of course materials to the Bookstore via my.evergreen. The Copy Center is your source for making copies, readers, scanning, etc.  

The Bookstore is responsible for making sure that any student can get access to all required course materials. Even if alternate ways of purchasing are available, the Bookstore still needs copies of all required course materials. There are many students receiving outside financing for their education – through VA, scholarships, DVR and more – that cannot go online to purchase course materials. 

The due dates below allow the college to meet the requirements of both state and federal Higher Education Opportunities Acts (HEOA) of 2008 and 2010.  These Acts stipulate that the college must make public all information about required textbooks and course materials as well as all costs associated with any program/course so that students can make informed registration decisions.   

  • Quarter                       Due Data for Textbook / Supply Orders   
  • Winter 2021                Oct. 13, 2020 
  • Spring 2021                 Feb. 8, 2021 
  • Summer 2021             Apr. 19, 2021 
  • Fall 2021                      May 24, 2021 
  • Winter 2021                Oct. 12, 2021 

Course texts and the Library: The Library communicates with the bookstore to ensure that copies of course and program books, if available and cost-effective, are also in our collections. 

There are some publishers who do not offer electronic copies or sell to libraries. Please keep this in mind when choosing your materials. The library also provides access to various streaming media platforms. Search the library catalog to ensure that streaming media titles are available. If they are not, make your requests to Electronic Resources Librarian Ray Zill ( to see if we can purchase an institutional license to that title. With strains on budgets and staffing in mind, please get your requests (combined into a single email) in as early as possible, and well before the term begins. 

Oral History Grant. As a reminder, Oral History Grant applications are due December 7th. Please see the following link for details and application form:

Update your Contact Info Reminder: We’ve recently asked you for updated contact information in your profile. In order to be able to reach you in an emergency or in inclement weather, please go into your profile using (see the upper right corner) and update the following information:  mailing address, alternate phone # (not your campus phone); alternate email account; emergency contact Information; faculty information (for Faculty Directory). 

 Best wishes for a well-deserved winter break!!



Kathleen Eamon, Karen Gaul, Larry Geri, Greg Mullins, Marcia Tate-Arunga, and Elizabeth Williamson 

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