RECAST | New Human Subjects Review Protocols

From: Gaul, Karen <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 2:45 AM
To: All Staff & Faculty DL <>

Hi Everyone:

We have a new process for Human Subjects Review at Evergreen. I invite you to review the new guidelines. We now offer training through CITI, the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative. Whether your students’ projects require a full HSR review or not, this is a wonderful educational resource, and we encourage you to build this online training into your programs to help students learn about ethical research.

As you saw in the invitation from John Caraher a few days ago, the fall Academic Retreat will offer a selection of workshops from which you can choose different options. On Monday, September 21, from 3:45-5:00, we will offer a workshop to help walk through the new HSR process. We invite you to join us at that time to be guided through the process and ask questions. 

I want to offer a huge thanks and acknowledgement to Sue Feldman, Mike Craw and Amadou Ba, who helped with this transition to a much-improved system!

Please do join us on the 21st. We look forward to seeing you then!



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