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Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2020 12:59 PM

Hi all, 

 Greetings as we close in on the end of the seventh week of this very unusual quarter.  I know you continue to work very hard and many have expressed greater weariness than is usual for the end of an academic year.  Your continued commitment to our students’ education is seen and inspiring. This year, we could all benefit from bearing witness to the culminating work that students are engaged in with the support of faculty and staff.  If you would like to share your program or course end-of-the-year events with the campus community, please fill out this questionnaire so the events can be included in this compiled list

 As you know, we are changing the format and scheduling of signature events such as the Academic Fair and graduation: 

  • The Annual Academic Statement is due today (Thursday, May 14, 2020). This year we will not be enforcing the summer/fall registration hold for students who miss the deadline. 
  • The Final Academic Statement deadline for Spring 2020 graduates is extended to June 30, 2020. 
  • A Virtual Tacoma Spring Fair will be held May 16-23, 2020.  
  • A Virtual Summer/Fall Academic Fair will be held Wednesday, May 27, 4-6pm. 
  • The summer and fall catalog copy will be updated by May 22 (thank you!) 
  • Students can reach Academic and Career Advising at or (360) 867-6312 
  • Summer/Fall Registration begins June 1. 
  • Students’ registration time tickets are on their My Evergreen account 
  • A Virtual graduation ceremony will occur on June 12 at 1:00 p.m.  
  • Students must still apply to graduate 

Budget – The SAL budget team is working on a 20/21 spending plan. Our pre-existing enrollment trends and the known short-term COVID-19 revenue impacts combine in challenging ways with COVID-19 enrollment uncertainties and unknown but likely to be substantial State revenue shortfalls. The College is facing a major mismatch between revenue and spending that puts the College at a financial risk. The work needed to close this gap is difficult and critical, and cannot be fully accomplished by the end of the fiscal year. We are working with our budget mangers to identify divisional budget reductions that we can manage now, and we are costing out larger scale reductions that we must make to close the gap. We will engage with staff and faculty unions as appropriate. 

 David McAvity and Holly Joseph from the College’s core budget team have been working with faculty on the FAP (Lucky Anguelov, Sarah Williams, Ralph Murphy) which is part of the Resource Allocation Advisory Committee (RAAC). The RAAC also includes staff Deborah Miles and Ivana Trottman, and students Cody Cook and Melinda Bratsch-Horsager. They are giving feedback on the budget planning process, as well as providing advice on budget reduction proposals and ways to engage with the community about decisions. David provided staff with an update at last week’s SAL staff meeting and will provide an update to faculty next week, followed by an outline of the spending plan in week 10. 

 Big Bets – Despite the significant disruption we’re experiencing, we are in the home stretch of crafting a New Academic Directions (“Big Bets”) model for final input and decision-making.  Many thanks to the hundreds of students, faculty, and staff who have provided invaluable feedback as we have revised and refined this work.  This visioning and change work is even more pressing for Evergreen’s future than it was when we started in fall.  We look forward to presenting the model at the May 20 faculty meeting, in anticipation of further deliberation on May 27, with an advisory faculty vote on June 3, and then final approval by the Board of Trustees on June 11. Assuming the model moves forward, there will be critical curriculum planning to occur early this summer, followed by further feasibility work and implementation planning, so that we can finalize our strategic plan to submit along with our biennial budget request to OFM by August 30.  Further information can be found at and by contacting project coordinator Emily Gray at   

 As always, I’m grateful for your hard and steady work in service to students. 



Jennifer Drake, PhD | Provost and Vice President for Student & Academic Life

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3805 Library, The Evergreen State College

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