RECAST | Action Needed: Please Fill Out the Academic Fair Webform – Creates Zoom Link & Fair Guide Listing for Participation

From: Academic Deans <>
Date: May 15, 2020, 11:09 AM -0700

Hello Summer and Fall Faculty,

Quick Overview of this email:

  1. The academic fair will be held remotely on Wednesday, May 27th from 4-6pm.
  2. Every faculty needs to fill out this webform to provide academic technologies and media with the information needed to create the structures for the fair (a listing for your offering, handout, and a zoom link). Please fill out this form by Wednesday, May 20th.
  3. If you don’t fill out the form you won’t have a listing in the fair guide OR a zoom link created for you to talk to students at the fair.
  4. Detailed instructions on participation will be emailed to faculty on May 20th.

As you have heard by now, the Academic Fair will be held remotely on Wednesday, May 27th from 4-6pm. Full directions and details on the fair will be delivered to faculty via email on Wednesday, May 20th.

Before we can send out the details, the behind the scenes components need to be setup.

To do this we need information from EVERY FACULTY who is teaching in either quarter.

We are asking each of you to please fill out this webform by Wednesday, May 20th:

The form asks the following questions:

  • Your Name
  • If you are planning to attend the fair
  • Your willingness to help us with a practice run-through on May 22nd.
  • Your program/course titles & associated quarter (you will be able to use the same form to submit information for all of your classes if you are teaching more than one!)
  • Attaching a pdf of your fair handout (one per course or program): Have this ready for each of your classes before starting the form!

The information you enter on this form will automatically create a listing on the virtual fair guide sites page- so make sure you enter your name and titles exactly, not an abbreviation! This same fair guide site will link to the fair handouts you provide so that students can review them BEFORE connecting to the zoom meeting.

Completing the form and indicating you plan to attend will prompt the media team to create the needed zoom link for you to talk with students.

Thank you in advance for providing us with this information so that we can work to make the best remote fair possible!

The Academic Fair Team (Curriculum Team, Registration & Records, Academic Technologies, and Media Services)

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