RECAST | Faculty update: the move to remote for summer

From: Eamon, Kathleen <>
Date: Apr 23, 2020, 5:07 PM -0700

Dear Colleagues, 

As President George Bridges announced to our community today, Evergreen has made the decision that summer instruction will be remote (with select possible exceptions). As the dean of summer curriculum, I wanted to communicate to the faculty as a whole in broad strokes what this announcement means for summer operations. (If you are teaching this summer, you will get a more detailed email from me very soon, with specific guidance and next steps.)  

First, all faculty currently slated to teach this summer will be asked to confirm that they want to teach some version of their offering in a remote modality.  If the answer is yes, then they will be asked to revise their catalog description, fees, and schedule by May 1. For accreditation and development purposes, we will ask all faculty teaching this summer to submit Alternate Instruction Plans before summer sessions begin.  

Our amazing Keep Teaching team, guided by Elizabeth Williamson and JuliA Metzker, are building a Canvas module to support designing for a remote learning environment. That module will be asynchronous and self-paced, and it will be supported by a series of office hour/drop-in Zoom conversations.  They hope to have that course up and available by mid-May, so stay tuned for that announcement.  

Other institutional changes that will help us accommodate this shift include a delayed summer and fall Academic Fair for the Olympia campus on May 27, corresponding with a delayed registration period for summer and fall beginning June 1, 2020.  (First year students will also register that week.) I also want to express gratitude for the role our incredible staff colleagues across all divisions have played in our successes this spring, and the pivotal role they will play as this situation extends to encompass another quarter. 

There will be select exceptions to the remote-only directive, but very few.  These will be comprised of selections from the approved summer curriculum made by area managers and the deans, with agreement of the faculty. We will select one or at most two per facility, intended to serve as good test cases for each area. We need a very controlled situation this summer in order to work through physical distancing, cleaning, equipment and other protocols, and we thank in advance the faculty members who have or will have agreed to step up and help us with that work.  We hope that this will set the stage for a more expansive hybrid mode in fall, should conditions allow.  

I want to thank you all for the already amazing work you’ve done to turn spring’s curriculum around, and I hope that we greet these new challenges (opportunities) with equal energy, grace, and investment.  


Kathleen Eamon

Kathleen Eamon | Academic Dean for Evening & Weekend Studies and Summer School | The Evergreen State College | (360) 867-6850 | she/her

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