Pedagogy Pop-Up “office hours”

Pedagogy Pop-Up “office hours,” hosted by the Learning and Teaching Commons Faculty Scholar- Joli Sandoz, continue via Zoom for collaboration and companionship while writing assignments, creating learning activities, designing accessible learning materials, etc. Joli will be online for an hour at 9 am and again at 4 pm Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (March 31 and April 1), and again at the same times on Monday and Thursday of Weeks 2 and 3 (April 6, 9, 13,16). Join in at any time during the hour! The meeting URL for all sessions is

To access information about all of the support opportunities available to Evergreen educators, and for lists of online resources, go to the Keep Teaching website on Canvas ( You can update your Canvas notification preferences so that you receive timely updates ( 

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