RECAST | update on Library and Media Services, March 13, 2020

Hello all,

Earlier today the College sent the attached update to the community, offering a broad outline for altered operations beginning tomorrow and extending through April 24.

Next week I will provide a fuller update regarding how Library and Media Services and our two learning centers will support students, staff and faculty during this period.

Key information to consider as we head into the weekend before evaluation week:

  • The Library offers 24/7 access to electronic resources, and will continue to do so. We are ramping up additional support for digital services, for example maximizing ebook licenses for spring quarter offerings.
  • We continue to offer online chat service for research questions.
  • We coordinate our services with 37 partner academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest. Our library consortium is working overtime to continue to provide resource sharing under emerging circumstances.
  • We will approach due dates and overdue fines with maximum flexibility, and in coordination with our library consortium. Details to follow next week.
  • To return library materials, please use the drop box outside the building.
  • The doors to the library itself will be closed starting March 14 as we work toward a process for users to pick up library materials they have requested. Details to follow next week.
  • Media Loan will be open from 10am to 3pm during evaluation week for equipment pick up only.
  • Media Loan will be closed during spring break.
  • The Evergreen Gallery is closed through April 24, pending reassessment during spring quarter.
  • The Writing Center will offer tutoring online starting during evaluation week.
  • Faculty will attend “Keep Teaching” learning sessions sponsored by the Learning and Teaching Commons, excellent opportunities to understand how the Library can support spring courses and programs.

Please address operational questions and concerns, as appropriate, to:
Ahniwa Ferrari, Associate Dean for Library Operations
Vito Valera, Associate Director for Media Services
Sandy Yannone, Director of Writing Center
Vauhn Foster-Grahler, Director of QuaSR

Please also feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Updates to services and hours will be posted to our website soon; I’m grateful for your patience.

I am also deeply grateful to staff and faculty in the Library, Media Services, the Writing Center, QuaSR, and Evergreen Gallery for turning on a dime this week.

They have approached our circumstances with care and concern for our community, strength in the face of uncertainty, creativity, and readiness to serve the common good. They are an inspiration, and lift up Evergreen’s core values and commitments.

Best wishes for the weekend,

Greg A Mullins, PhD | Academic Dean for Instructional Support and Library & Media Services
(pronouns: he/him)
Office: 3509 Daniel J. Evans Library | Tel: 360.867.6243
Mailing address: Lib 2309  | The Evergreen State College  | Olympia, WA 98505-0002

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