RECAST | Remote Teaching & Altered Operations

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From: Endress, Wendy <>
Date: Mar 18, 2020, 8:43 AM -0700

Dear Colleagues,

The work required to pivot to remote teaching and learning and altered operations is substantial. It is being approached with changing what we do to prioritize

  1. safeguarding individual and collective health by following social distancing directives and guidance,
  2. retaining current students, and
  3. providing quality, remote teaching and basic services that support student success and enrollment through April and beyond.

Key to all of this is coordinated communication.

The work is being conducted by cross-divisional work groups as follows:

  • Staff Support for Teleworking & Remote Service Delivery – Tony Alfonso, Andy Corn, & Abby Kelso
  • Student Employment Protocol – Colby Morelli & Jennifer Levesque
  • Altered Student Service Delivery & Student Technology Needs – Greg Mullins, Therese Saliba, Eric Pederson
  • Virtual Co-curricular Engagement – Jeannette Smith, Hannah Simonetti, & Dani Clark
  • Coordinated Communication – Amy Betz, Christine Hoffmann, & Julie Slone

These groups are connected to the work occurring with these key efforts as well:

  • RAD & SWS – Sharon Goodman & Elizabeth McHugh
  • Keep Teaching – JuliA Metzker & Elizabeth Williamson
  • Spring Curriculum Development – Trevor Speller & Larry Geri

While many do not have the capability to work remotely and/or the job responsibilities are not aligned, many have also been doing so as they are able. Thank you to the leads named above as well as colleagues contributing directly and through consultation.

This is an opportunity to clarify priorities and uplift integrated and coordinated work to support student success. We will seek to communicate the outcomes of this work by the end of next week.

A reminder that the COVID-19 Information website is current and one of the best sources of information for Evergreen students, faculty and staff.

I hope you are taking care of yourself in order to care for others as well. This is a very challenging time, please remember that the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all employees.

Wendy–Wendy Endress, Ph.D. | Vice Provost for Student & Academic Life

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