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Take Back Your Uterus with this Psychedelic Herb of the Ancient World

Fight the Patriarchy! In the era of Trump, this magical weed can help women fight the power and take control of their reproductive rights!

The House Plant That Does It All

Sunburns, dry skin, dehydration, constipation; the answer to all these problems lies within the leaves of this prickly pal.

Wolfsbane: fictitous plant contains very real dangers

Is the famed plant, Wolfsbane actually poisonous? Find out what myths and chemical compounds have led to this plants mysterious history.

Peyote: Testament to the Power of Plants Over People

Peyote: A curious desert cactus with consciousness altering chemical compounds.

Symbionts vs. Parasites

How Scientists Are Using Plant Signals In The Fight Against Starvation

See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Henbane: Witch’s Drug

Hyoscyamus niger, known commonly as henbane, is a plant whose multifaceted nature has a long history of use in Europe. 

Pacific Yew: Tree of Death or Tree of Life?…or Both?

How can a deadly tree species be the key to treating one of the most prevalent and invasive diseases facing humankind today?  With a lengthy history of death, mystery, and a newly discovered phytochemical; has the pacific yew finally redeemed itself?

Yarrow: The Healing Herb of Achilles

          Yarrow has served as a first-aid plant for centuries, if not millenia, of human existence.  Even in this age of chemical medicine, it has lost none of its effectiveness.  

The Chemistry Behind Cannabis: Terpenes

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